Out & About This Easter

I think basically anyone with kids, except maybe those with teenagers 😉 , love getting out and about in the lovely Spring weather that is coming our way. It is my favourite season and it will be so nice to get out with kids, as the hubby has some time off work.

One thing we like to do is walks. It doesn’t cost and you can make it as long or short as you like – I’m all for some calorie burning! Here are just a few tips that I’m sharing with you, together with Munch Bunch, for getting out on nature trails this Easter:

  1. Be adventurous with your location. Add an extra dimension by doing a sensory nature trail on a farm: explore the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch of nature!
  2. Some farms will even allow children to milk the cows – a fascinating experience for little ones – and a chance to explain how natural ingredients make the foods they love, like Munch Bunch.
  3. If you’re doing a sensory trail remember to explain to your children each of their senses in simple terms at the start of the trail. Test them as you go, e.g; “Can you hear that cow moo-ing? What sense are we using to do that?”
  4. Take along foods to stimulate their sense of taste – and to keep hunger pangs at bay. Dairy snacks like fromage frais, squeezy yogurts and tangy fruit are all good choices, rooted in nature.

After a recent survey, the top food that parents feel good about having their kids eat is fromage frais. Munch Bunch have a new 30% less sugar fromage frais so it would be perfect to try after a trip out and about. What is your little ones favourite thing to eat?

The Good Stuff ­ parents top 20 foods for kids

Happy Easter! Hope you can get out and enjoy some family time.

Rebecca x

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