Essentials For Being Out & About This Spring

Well how nice has the weather been lately? I love spring and think that spring in England is pretty hard to beat. It was my birthday a few days ago and I think you have an affinity to the season you were born in – certainly the case for me anyway.

There are a few must haves for being out and about in springtime. With kids, I am out and about more than ever – there are always parks to visit, ducks to feed and the occasional puddle to be splashed in! So what do you need to have with you?


I think that sunglasses are a must! I hate the whole squinting because of the sunshine thing. I like to always have a pair with me in the car, as they are so useful to have when driving too. With spring weather, you can get bright sunshine one minute and rain clouds the next, so being able to cope with the quick changes in brightness is much needed. Some of my favourite at the moment are:


Tom Ford Thea Sunglasses – £173


Superdry Ellen Sunglasses – £39.95

I tend to do a lot of my shopping online – even for sunglasses! If you are unsure about buying something like sunglasses online, then you could use an uploader tool so that you can see the glasses that will best suit you.

Vitamins / Antihistamines

One of the much loved things about spring is that you get all for eh flowers blossoming and blooming. I love spring flowers like daffodils, gerberas and tulips. The downside of that, though? Getting allergies and hay fever 🙁 So making sure you always have something in your bag, to help your hay fever or allergies is a must. Something like pycnogenol is a great thing to use. It uses natural plant extracts that work as an antioxidant – perfect to help with itchy eyes or running nose during the pesky high pollen days.

Water Bottle

I do love a good water bottle! Ask my husband and he will tell you just how many we have in our cupboards at home. I always seem to get a few for the kids too. There are so many pretty ones available so when I see a new cute one, with a straw or something of course, I just have to have it. It works though, as it really helps me to drink more water. Essential at all times, but particularly during warmer days when I’m out walking.

Hand Gel / Wipes

Ok, so I don’t think this is exclusive to spring, but they are a must, and not just for parents! If we have been out feeding the ducks and then we see the ice cream van, it is nice to know what we can sanitise our hands before getting something to eat. The wipes are for, well, the ice creams of course 😉 It wouldn’t be spring without being able to get an ice lolly when the un is shining.

Sun-Worthy Shoes

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.12.28

Kids Jelly Shoes in Mint – £12

Something like jelly shoes are a must when it is spring time. First of all, they are quick and easy to take on and off. Second of all they are so versatile and go with so many things. The third reason, if you needed another, is that they are totally fine for cooler days or when there are some April showers. They dry super easily if they get wet, and if you can’t face being barefoot just yet, they look fun and quirky with a pair of little ankle socks. Hand the fourth reason, you and the kids can be matchy-matchy too. Winning at life.

What are your must-haves for the season?



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