Out and About. Whatever the Weather.

They say that motherhood changes you in a lot of ways. Which is no surprise when you’ve got two tiny humans that are now completely reliant on you. Your life changes when you become a parent and things seem to get busier; there is always something to do, right? I know that parenthood has changed me in many positive ways, like improving my patience and you certainly stop putting yourself first. But one thing that I am learning to like, is going out and about, whatever the weather.

When there is a school run to do, you have to be out and about.

When there are ducks to feed, you have to be out and about.

When there is a park to visit, you have to be out and about.



My kids love being outdoors and they literally couldn’t care less about what the weather is doing. In fact, my son much prefers the cold weather. If he could choose a holiday in the snow or a holiday at the beach, he would choose the snow. He goes to a forest school too, so lots of exploring and being outside in all conditions.




But when your mum (i.e. me) is a bit of a fair weather person, then it does take some getting used to. So we just wrap up warm, put our coats on (that have to have a hood) and just get on with it. But back to one of the above points about was that you change as a parent, you stop putting yourself first. So if it means happy times with the kids outdoors, then we head out.



We’re lucky to have a few parks, woods and a duckpond close by to us. So we can explore without having to go too far. And to be honest, as long as I’m prepared enough, I’m learning to like it. The duck pond is on our way home from school. My concerned five year old thought that as it had been a cold day, with some rain, that not many people would have been to feed the ducks. So we decided to stop off on the way home. They honestly had the best time and they played so well together. So it makes standing in the rain all worth it – thank goodness for warm coats, though! 🙂



If like me, you are more of a reluctant wet weather person, then here are some ideas of things to do with your little ones when it is wet and rainy:

  • Paint with mud – use sticks and take some paper with you
  • Hunt for worms – stamping on grassy areas helps to bring them to the surface
  • Create colourful rivers – use natural food colourings and drip them into puddles and trickles of water
  • Draw with chalks – on the driveway or pavement. The colours will start to run if its damp and make some pretty pictures
  • Feed the ducks – and ducks prefer oats to bread don’t ya know
  • Pooh Sticks – if you’ve got a bridge and a stream to play with
  • Make Mud Pies – with some sticks, gather up some mud, leaves and moss and stir it all up. Tasty…

Do your kids like to be outside rather than in? What are you favourite things to do with them?Rebecca x*Thanks to Blacks for sending us the kids’ new coats. All words and opinions are my own.

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  • My two go through phases of loving going outside and wanting to stay indoors. It’s usually quite hard to convince my son to go out, but once he’s out he always loves it. I never used to be a fan of the cold but I now kinda like getting wrapped up for a winter walk. How sweet that the kids were worried that the ducks might not have been fed much in the bad weather!
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  • Forest school is the best! We loved ours when we lived in the UK. If we aren’t out though we wouldn’t survive. They are so much happier with each other and running off their endless energy outdoors, that even if I didn’t fancy it, I soon realise it was the best option!

  • Lovely photos – I also take my little ones out when it is not so nice outside – we all can wrap up to stay warm and dry and the fresh air keeps us all healthy and refreshed!