Moving Home: A Step-By-Step Guide For Overwhelmed Families

It’s a wonderful thing to decide that you want to move home and make a fresh start, but it can be overwhelming for a family. If you’re moving far then it can be hard to say goodbye to neighbors and friends. Still, even if you’re not moving far, it can be hard to say goodbye to your old house itself. And the sentimental aspect of moving is only one challenge of many. You also need to think about the financial aspect of the process and the scheduling that will be required to make sure everything is sorted out before moving day. If you’re part of an overwhelmed family that’s trying to move home then here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Buying your new home.

The first step to moving home is buying your new home; whether you’re a first time buyer looking at  new townhomes or looking for a brand new larger home out of town. This is the biggest aspect of the move, in many ways. When you’re making such a big change in your life (and your family’s lives), it’s crucial that you make a smart decision. You’re overhauling your existing home to build a new one, so it should be the right home. Make sure you do your research. You might spot a beautiful house on the market, but the deal could be weak in comparison with equally-beautiful properties in nearby areas. There’s always the opportunity to haggle later so as to lower the price of a potential home, but choosing a property with a low asking price gives you a good head start. Of course, you’ll want to check new homes in Mechanicsburg PA or wherever it is you are moving to, if you’re definitely after a new house for sale. It’s important to use filtering tools online to make sure that you’ve found every single property that could meet your criteria.

Selling your old home.

The second step to moving home is selling your old home. This is just as important as the first step. In a financial sense, you need to aim to sell your existing property for as much money as possible. You have to cover the costs of buying a new home, hiring removal guys, and many other expenses you face during a house move. That’s why you should fix up your current home so as to increase its value. There are lots of cost-effective ways in which to do this. Repainting is a good place to start. A fresh coat of paint on doors, walls, windows frames, and even kitchen cabinets can completely revitalize the aesthetic of your home. You should also add a centerpiece to every room in the house. Some flowers, a striking painting, or a vintage piece of furniture are all great examples of focal points that can give an uninspiring room some impact. Inexpensive improvements to your property can still massively increase its value in the eyes of buyers and help you to sell your house. After all, if you can increase your gross profit then you’ll have more money to go towards your house move.

However, if you find that you are unable to complete any renovations because of a lack of financial resource or simply because you are short on time, this does not mean that all is lost. For example, most cash-for-home buyers, such as this sell my house atlanta georgia service, will purchase properties regardless of their condition, making them valuable contacts if you are unable, for whatever reason, to complete the renovations that may, potentially, boost your property value.


Packing is such an important step during the moving process. You have to bring all of your possessions to your new home, so this will take more than a couple of suitcases. You’re not packing for a vacation, after all. However, before you start throwing all of your things into boxes and labeling them, you should take this opportunity to declutter your home. You and your family have probably hoarded quite a lot of junk over the years, and you don’t want to bring that with you to your shiny new home. That’s why you should get rid of things that you haven’t used for years. That old TV in the attic, piles of books that you don’t read, and furnishings that have been gathering dust in the garage are all examples of things that have to go.

Decluttering will make the moving process so much easier for you. You’ll have fewer boxes stacked up to be transported on moving day. Not only is this much more time-effective and design-effective (in terms of furnishing your new home) but it’s also great news in a financial sense. When you hire a removal company, the price they charge is determined by the number of things they have to transport. The fewer belongings you have, the cheaper it’ll be to move your remaining possessions to your new house. It’s a fiscally-responsible plan.

Changing providers.

This is something that you need to do a few weeks before you move into your new home. Arriving at a new home without an internet connection, for instance, might be an absolute nightmare for you and your kids. Setting up a connection with a new internet provider or a satellite internet service isn’t instantaneous, so it’s a smart idea to set it up a few weeks before moving into your new home to make sure that it’ll be ready for you on moving day. Additionally, you need to sort out your utilities (i.e. electricity and water). You might need to change providers, depending on the prices for your new area of residence. Make sure you do some research if you want to get the best deal.

Preparing for moving day.

This step is one that you definitely shouldn’t dismiss. Moving day can be very stressful; it’s the culmination of many months spent preparing and planning a new life in a new home. But you can make this day much less stressful by preparing adequately for it. Make sure you bag a moving day bag. This bag should contain toiletries, clothes, sentimental items, and any valuables that you’d rather not box up. You should have labeled all of your boxes, so finding things will be easy. However, you don’t want to arrive at your new home without any of your necessities because the moving truck is delayed. Plan ahead.

Personalizing your new home.

Personalization is the final step to moving. You need to feel as if this new house is your home. You could even check out some of the DIY posts on this blog if you’re looking for some inspiration. You could make your own chalkboard with inspirational messages that mean something to you and your family, or you could create colorful pieces of artwork to hang up on the walls. Moving home can be a rollercoaster ride. It takes some adjustment because you’ve been used to a certain house for years or decades, so viewing a brand new property as your home can be difficult. That’s why this final step of the moving process is so important. You don’t want to be sitting in a half-empty house that’s full of unpacked boxes for weeks. Work hard to make this place feel personal as soon as you move in. Give it some character that reflects the nature of you and your home. Personalization is crucial to ensuring that you can settle into your new home.

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  • Before you make arrangements to move, double check specifics of your relocation package with your employer so you know exactly what will be covered or reimbursed. You don’t want to get stuck with expenses for items that you thought would be covered but aren’t.