Easy Steps To A Low Maintenance Garden

When we get a humble abode, we might have big plans for the garden. After all, it’s one of the places we will spend the most time with our family. And we want it to look superb for when we have friends and family over. However, as much as we might aim to spend a tonne of time in the garden, it can prove impossible when we are so busy with work and looking after the kids. And then it can end up looking terrible if you don’t keep on top of it. However, there are some ways you can still have a lovely garden without a tonne of work. In fact, here are some easy steps to a low maintenance garden.


Keep plants and flowers to a minimum

When you head to the garden centre, you are bound to see a lot of plants and flowers that would look fantastic in your yard. And you might make the decision to buy them without thinking about how much TLC they might need. After all, they might make a pretty addition to your garden. But then you might end up regretting the decision when you have to spend ages in the backyard! Also, you need to be careful not to buy too many plants for the garden. It’s easy to go OTT when there are so many beautiful options you want for your humble abode. But the more plants you get, the more time you will need to spend in the garden. And you just might not have the time in your busy life. Therefore, keep the flowers and plants to a minimal in your garden. Decide how many you will get before you go to the shop. That way, you won’t be tempted to buy more. And with fewer plants in your garden, you won’t have to spend ages taking care of them all!

Go for artificial rather than real lawn

Your lawn can make or break the garden. After all, it’s the focal point of the garden. And if it’s overgrown, it can make it look terrible. And it’s easy for it to become like this if you don’t keep on top of taking care of your lawn. You might have the best intentions to cut it every other week. But when it comes down to it, you might forget to do it. And then over time, the garden can start to look worse and worse. But there is a solution if you haven’t got time to get the mower out all the time. For one thing, you could go for artificial lawn in your garden. It’s becoming more popular for families to get this for their garden. After all, it is more durable and can’t get ruined after the kids have been playing on it. And unlike real lawn, artificial grass doesn’t need cutting all the time. So you can keep your garden looking fantastic with minimal work. Therefore, you will never have to be embarrassed again about your unkempt lawn in the garden!

Invest in a sprinkler for your garden

Another thing which you often forget to do is water the plants. After all, you get busy doing something else with the kids and forget that you haven’t watered the grass and flowers. But if you don’t keep up to date with watering them, you will find that both the lawn and plants will start to deteriorate. After all, they won’t be getting the nutrients they need to flourish. And then you will find your garden takes a turn for the worse. But there is something you can do if you keep forgetting to water the plants. For one thing, you could get a sprinkler for your garden. These are very easy to install, and they will ensure your grass and plants get watered regularly. In fact, you can programme it so that it will keep your garden in good shape all year round. Just make sure you switch it off if you have unexpected rain. After all, you don’t want to end up drowning your plants instead. And a sprinkler is so handy when it comes to holidays. After all, you can ensure your garden remains in good condition, even when you are away from the property.


Contact a gardener to take care of your garden

As much as you hope to take care of your garden regularly, it can be difficult when you are busy with your family. Therefore, it’s easy for your yard to go downhill if you don’t keep on top with it. But to make it as easy as possible to look after, you should get someone else to do the hard work. That way, you will have a lot less to do to keep it in good condition. For one thing, you might want to get in touch with a gardening company. After all, you can pay for someone to come out once a week to ensure your garden stays in good condition. It won’t cost you the earth, and your garden will look top notch. After all, you will have to only do the minimal to ensure it stays looking fantastic.

Pave as much as possible

A lot of people feel like they need to lay the majority of the garden with lawn. But if you are looking for something which is low maintenance, you should consider skipping the lawn. And instead, you should pave the garden. After all, you will mostly use the garden for entertaining. And with a patio, it can be home for your table and chairs and a BBQ. As for keeping the kids happy, you can still put a playhouse for the kids to use in the garden. And they can still play ball games on the concrete. Minimising the grass as much as possible will ensure you don’t have a tonne of work to do to your garden every day!

And while you might fancy growing vegetables, choose easy-to-grow fruit and veg. Otherwise, you will be out there every day tending to their needs. You can read more in this article about how easy it is to grow each fruit and veg so you can avoid the complicated ones which need a tonne of work!

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  • Some good ideas I love gardening i cut the grass yesterday for the first time this year has it was a lovely day and unearthed some daffodils