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owletLogo1024I was recently introduced to a brand new baby monitor called ‘Owlet’. It is a brand new product that has recently been released in the states and will soon be released over here in the UK. It will first be introduced over here at the Baby Show at the Olympia Venue in Kensington at the end of the month (25th – 27th Oct), so if you happen to be going to the show, make sure you check it out!

You can finally know if your baby really is safe and breathing well. The thing that sets this baby monitor apart from the rest is that you can see your baby’s oxygen and heart rate levels. What peace of mind?! It also features a roll-over alert, skin temperature and sleep-quality tracking. Your baby wears it on their foot (don’t worry it’s stretchy and flexible) and can be used until they are as big as two years old so definitely value for money.

The heart rate and oxygen levels are found using Owlet’s proprietary, innovative four-sensor pulse oximeter.  (Pulse oximetry is that little red light you put on your finger when you go to the doctor).  “Having four sensors allows for nine different reading combinations.  Hospital pulse oximeters only allow for one combination of light and sensor, making Owlet’s monitor a vast improvement over current technology.  The new design allows the Owlet monitor to automatically adjust data read for foot growth, movement, and various levels of ambient light,” says Zack Bombsta, Chief Engineering Officer and father of one.

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All of the Owlet features are so important. As most parents know, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a real worry and there is a correlation between an infant sleeping on its stomach and the likelyhood of SIDs. Monitoring your baby’s temperature is also a great feature to keep them healthy and well. Monitoring sleep quality is brilliant as you will be able to see how well they slept, and if they need more naps the following day, for example. Plenty of good sleep is really important for developing a healthy immune system.

One other fantastic feature is that you can get all of this information to your smart phone! Technology is amazing these days. I would love to get my hands on one for my next little one – there really is nothing as informative or in-depth as this currently out there. We had one of the usual sound and room temperature baby monitors with Max and it was so rubbish, just gave up with it after a little while. This sounds so much better, smaller and handier.

You can find out more information about the Owlet baby monitor on their website www.owletcare.co.uk

What do you think? Sound like something you would want to try?

Rebecca x

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  • That sounds pretty amazing- no more sneaking in to check if your baby is still breathing….and accidentally waking them up in the process!