Out & About with the OXELO B1 Scooter

Max has an uncle that is 11 years old, yes, only 11 bless him, so there are lots of things that we get passed down. One thing that he has loved using of Uncle Sam’s is his scooter. It is getting a bit old now so I was looking to get Max a scooter of his own. Then we heard all about the OXELO B1 Scooter and Max was more than happy to test it out.

oxeloThe scooter comes with a black frame but there are several different colour options for the foot base such as blue, pink, yellow and green. Max chose a green one which will work well for his sister to use the scooter in the future too. It was really easy to assemble and comes with everything that you need to secure the footbase (one allen key). The handle bars neatly click in place and the only the only thing that needs to be screwed in place is the footbase.

The handle bars come out completely and they can be stored in the base of the scooter, with a plastic strap, making it compact and easy to store and transport. I think that is a fab feature as when we have been out and about on trips to the park with the scooter and Chloe in the pushchair, Max has often decided that he doesn’t want to use the scooter during the while trip. It literally took me a minute pull out the handle bars and to store them away. The scooter would then just fit in the basket in the pushchair – rather than having to carry the scooter, hold his hand and push a pushchair – great for mums!

The scooter is aimed at children aged between 2 – 4 years and I think it is the perfect thing for them as it has the three wheels. It really helps them to learn to balance on a scooter and get use to using one. It appears to be strong and durable, plus there is an element of ‘bounce’ in the wheels so it will stand up to some rough play from a preschooler!

I really like this scooter and think that it is really well made. I would definitely recommend the brand. The scooter is available from Decathlon for £22.99, which I think is totally reasonable for the quality and I think it is a competitive price for what is out there.

Do your little ones have scooters? What do you think to this one?

Rebecca x

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*the scooter was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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