Paint drying anyone…?!

OK excuse me while I have rant – but what on earth is with all of these daft reality TV shows cropping up, where the people can’t act, and quite frankly are really boring. All of this ‘The only way is Essex’ junk and ‘Made in Chelsea’ rubbish – seriously?! And another one has popped up too; ‘Geordie Shore’.

Maybe it’s just me and I don’t get it, but is it really bad acting, a documentary, or a bit of both?? Watching someone go about their day to day life – WHY, WHY, WHY? Just go and do those things yourself… surely?! We are not big TV watchers so I do think it’s all a little sad…

The Kardashians and The Hills have got a lot to answer for!

PS. if there is any one reading that does watch and enjoy – please enlighten me

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