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In between the days at Disney, we decided we would be all cultured and that, and go to visit the Palace of Versaille and take in the sights of Paris. I haven’t been to Versailles since I was pretty young so was excited for that. I have done the sights in Paris quite a few times before but it never gets old. Plus we added in some macarons and shopping – bonus!
We learnt that Louis XIV was called the sun king because he wanted everything to revolve around him – you can see how highly he thought of himself in the palace, so elaborate and grand

Uncle time
Dodgey pic but the hall of mirrors

When in Rome.. It would be rude not to!

Lovely buildings in Versailles

Onto Paris. Max just causal in his pushchair

So many lovely parks in Paris to sit and chill
Outside the Louvre

Found this bridge by total accident, on our hour long walk to the Eiffel Tower! Serious trek – but I’d heard about this bridge before so pleased we did stumble across it

The cute place we stayed at – a little Marriot Village
My Top Tips for visiting Paris:
  • If you will be using a pushchair, don’t go alone – the trains / metro in Paris are really not suitable for disabled or pushchair access. I was only able to do it with the hubs and his family to help lift it etc. If you are by yourself I would take taxi’s everywhere as you can’t guarantee anyone will help, unfortunately
  • Make sure you have the right train ticket – we thought we had a return and we didn’t so couldn’t get out of the station and there are very few staff at the stations
  • Take a map – a lot of it is walk-able but knowing where you are going helps, obvs!
  • Don’t try to visit The Louvre on a Tuesday, as we found out it is closed!
  • Don’t visit the Palace of Versailles on a Sunday – as we found out, it is the busiest day and was completely rammed. If you want to take your time to look around more / not get annoyed at people that just stop walking right in front of you, then visit on another day
  • Have plenty of water / drinks with you – everywhere we looked it is over 4 euro for a small bottle of water or fizzy. Crazy
  • If the weather is nice, wear things suitable. There is very little in the way of air-con in the restaurants, shops, metro etc
  • Do try macaron’s or nutella waffles or crepes – it would be rude not to, right?

I know these ‘tips’ don’t make it sound like we had a very successful trip but it really was lots of fun – there is so much to do and see in Paris!

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  • Wish we got to go to Paris with you, I love it! Lovely pictures and good tips- seriously, Paris isn't push chair friendly at all