The PCOS Diaries: Best Dessert Foods

Since my PCOS diagnosis, the hardest thing I have found is dessert foods. It’s not like we have them daily or anything, but they just need quite a lot of time to prepare. There are very few options to just buy from the supermarket. So you do need to plan ahead a little.

When you have PCOS, you need to be careful about how much sugar is in your diet. Too much sugar isn’t good for everyone. But when you have PCOS, it can make your symptoms even worse. It is all about blood sugar levels, insulin and fat storage basically.

If you are looking for quick dessert meal ideas, then you could try:


  • Fruit Salad – simple and quick to make. Try to use fruit like berries, apple and kiwi, rather than melons, pineapple and banana.
  • Nakd Bars – you can make this kind of thing yourself. But if you are short on time then you can buy these at supermarkets. They are made with dates, nuts and natural flavouring. They are something sweet when you want a quick sweet fix.
  • Deliciously Ella Energy Balls – these energy balls, like the bars, can be made yourself. But they are in more and more supermarkets. If you want a chocolate fix, then you can grab the cacao and almond version – yum!
  • Livia’s Kitchen Raw Millionaire Bites – these things are ridiculously moreish! I buy mine from Planet Organic. But if you’re by a Wholefoods, they sell them there too.
  • Nuts – a handful of your favourite nuts or a trail mix type of thing is a good fix after a main meal. Nuts are full of good fats, but still fat. So don’t eat the whole bag!
  • Coconut Yoghurt – as dairy needs to be avoided with PCOS, I have been loving coconut yogurt. The brands that I have found that don’t contain any sugar are Koko (the original version) and CoYo. The latter is mega thick so isn’t to everyone’s taste. I use it on homemade desserts as a substitute for double cream sometimes too as I love it.

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, then there are plenty of things that you can make. I have several recipes on the blog like spiced apple brownies, peanut butter and chocolate truffles, chocolate and coconut truffles, and caramel apples. You could make your own raw chocolate using my recipe or oat cookies, banana cake or my chocolate orange mousse cake. Once you get the hang of the methods and ingredients, the options are quite limitless.



I mainly use Livia’s Kitchen cookbook, as well as Deliciously Ella’s books. They all have desserts in, of which I have tried a few. All delicious – especially Livia’s Kitchen. My husband got me a place on her baking course in February and I am mega excited to learn the tricks of the trade.

The point is that there is plenty that you can have. You might just need to take a little more time to prepare it. You might think that without sugar they can’t taste good but they taste amazing. After a while of eating this way, normal desserts can taste just a little too sweet and sickly.

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