Peas in a Pod | Review


These were such a fun thing to review. They do exactly what they say on the tin! Also slightly relevant with all of these Ice Bucket Challenges I’m seeing everywhere.

These silicone ice moulds are great. They are bright and durable, as well as being easy to use and easy to clean. You simply pour water through the small holes on the top and put in the freezer. Then once they’ve been froze, you pull the ‘pea pod’ apart and pop put the little ice cube ‘peas’. The ice is perfectly spherical so makes a nice alternative to the usual ice cubes. You o need to make sure though, that you get all the air out when putting the water in or they can expand a bit and then you don’t get your perfect ‘peas’.

It is a really handy product, that looks really cute too. I think it would work really well at kid’s parties to pop in drinks, especially if you put some food colouring or chopped fruit in the ice cubes.

You can find more information about the Easy Peasy Ice Tray product HERE.


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