I have been searching around on different blogs recently and came across one on ‘Circle of Moms’ that made me think; here are my thoughts…
We are all doing it, we are all taking part in it. I am on definite guilty party. The craze right now of Pinterest and reading blogs and reading and seeing all of these amazing things, amazing women and convincing ourselves that we are not doing enough as a mother, wife, home-maker, employee or friend.
We see the perfectly colour coded homes, perfect children’s parties and the women are wearing the most amazing clothes (in a tiny size, of course), with perfectly coiffed hair and make up.
I do really enjoy Pinterest and find a lot of things inspiring and motivating to improve myself. But we do have to be so careful to not keep comparing ourselves to everyone else. We need to realise that our family and friends don’t care about how much we do or don’t do from Pinterest, but they actually care about us – who knew?!
I look back to my own childhood – my mum is amazing! I do remember crafting with her when we were younger and making gifts from time to time, but that was us spending a fun time together and learning different skills. Our home was always a lovely place to be, a proper family home with out a live plant or scrabble letter craft in sight. She didn’t lift weights or run marathons but she always looked great and always made my sisters and I feel like the most gorgeous and important girls in the world.
How can we be an example to our children if we are so down on what we look like and what we aren’t doing? Can we all decide that we are not going to sit around feeling discouraged about all of those things?
It is us that our children long for, our little quirks, smiles and voices. Its only natural that we want to learn, exercise, be better, make our homes lovelier and provide experiences for our children, but when it comes down to it, our children don’t want a disgruntled, freaking-out parent who wishes she were someone else. I remember hearing a quote when I was growing up and something we should all remember: 

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So, how can we keep from comparing ourselves to others? 
Make sure you are being the best you!

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