How Much Personality Are You Willing To Gift Your Home?

How much personality are you willing to gift your home? Could it be that an effort here could truly precipitate a home that means more to you, that has more personal worth? Whenever we purchase a home, we often look at the price tag. So far, so good. However, it can often feel tempting to wish there was another figure, a ‘personal worth’ counter on the real estate website. In a perfect world, this would show you the potential the home had to correspond to your personality, and how quickly you find actualize this potential.

It’s not all bad. Despite not knowing this figure, we can forge ahead and find out for ourselves. Often, that is the most amusing part of home ownership. But how much personality are you willing to gift your home? How much effort have you placed in making the space your own so far? This takes time, careful planning and diligence, so there’s no real worry if you haven’t found the time so far. Now that you’re in the presence of the following tips, you might enjoy partaking in a much more informed and engaging activity to begin with:

Know The Utility Of Certain Rooms

Knowing the utility of certain rooms is a good place to start. This allows you to theme the rooms around certain parameters. For example, take the bedroom. How do you feel about this space? Is this a place where you can be fully intimate with your partner, or a place that completely worships the highest good – a good night’s sleep? The small decisions you make in decoration will usually prioritize one decision over another, at least from an aesthetic standpoint. You can try to implement both, but a cohesive theme usually works the best here, and helps you prevent becoming too cluttered or noisy in your home improvements.

For example, take the idea that a great night’s sleep is king. If you desire to make your bedroom space the most comforting and stress reductive place imaginable, it might be that the colors or the intensity and the colors of light you decide to implement become much cooler than the intimate and romantic space would otherwise be. This might mean hushed bright blues instead of deep reds. It might also factor into what forms of furnishing you bring into the room, how you allow free space to be used, and in general the time you spend here.

Divide Your Space

Often, dividing a space can help us implement our personalities in many different ways. For example, take the kitchen. While it can be tempting to implement our own cookbooks across the shelves alongside all of the preserved goods and jarred baking essentials we own, a small area of the kitchen dedicated to the historical culinary significance of our elderly relative can function as a deeply personal semi-shrine that watches over your kitchen. This brings a little of the family into your space, and allows you to divide that priority.

While a cohesive theme often works the best for most rooms, adding a little touch of personality here can be all you need to rejuvenate the space, and gift your home the attention it truly deserves. Also, implements like this can never be replicated by another person. The idea can, but the contents of the idea will always and forever remain yours. If you’re struggling to relax and settle into your new home, consider dividing the space in this way, in a manner than both respects the potential of the new home with a small touch (and enhancement) dedicated to reminding you of how you got to this place in the first imagining.

Know Your Personality

Knowing your personality is very worthwhile through life in general, but in home decors implementation, it is close to godliness. Knowing your personality allows you to ascribe many different choices, and also allows you to indulge in some of the hidden desires you might have. It might be that you truly enjoy video games, and desire a full-length artistic rendition of Lara Croft in your office, backlit as a symbol of female empowerment.

That’s a perfectly fine addition to bring to your space, and geeking out in this way can often help us feel a little more attached to our homes. After all, our home is the place where we should be our truest selves. While the beauty of a magazine can often lead us to install items that we think look good, often bringing our own sense of what’s right can be ten times more valuable. This is especially true if you’re hoping to settle in this environment for some time, and the practical reselling value of an interior space means nothing to you for the time being.

Express Your Truest Desires

Following on from this previous point, a home should also be the place where you can decorate and express your personal sense of who you are vs the personal sense of who you could be. We all know that if we were on our best days most of the time, we would be a wonderful person. Obviously, life doesn’t always allow us to live this way, and sometimes this is not even desirable. However, that doesn’t mean your home couldn’t (and shouldn’t) be a testament to the wonder of your highest imagining.

This might mean taking a chance to dare with your interior decors. For example, it might mean dedicating a room to your ‘movie interests,’ highlighting your own personal skill as a future successful filmmaker, even if you haven’t committed anything to digital reel just yet. If you’re not big enough for your shoes now, how do you hope to fill them? This can be intrinsically true no matter who you are, and allows your home to become a bastion of your deepest dreams.

Leave Out The Corporate

It is very, very, very tempting to simply head to the local furnishings store and purchase the items that catch your eye. After all, there might be some quality products sold there, and who could argue with those promotional deals? However, beware falling into the trap of doing this, as often this can lead you to develop the exact same personal space as four people on your street. From an interior decorating standpoint, there’s nothing worse than visiting the home of your child’s friends family and realizing you both have almost the exact same home setup. You might agree with us here, feeling that if you ever needed to witness another ‘live, laugh, love!’ sign you might have to give up on the whole affair.

However, this is not something that is predestined to be experienced. Home furnishing stores weren’t once as corporatized as they used to be. Beautiful places still exist to sell excellent furniture, one of a kind in fact. Places such as Porcelain Superstore even theme these furniture collections around form aesthetics, and offer the highest quality goods. You can also find many handcrafted and wonderful items on eBay. It might even be that you come into contact with someone who practices amateur carpentry, and through some grace manages to develop items that should really be being sold for more than they are.

If you’re willing to invest, even commissioning personalized home items is more than possible. What better way to invest in personal wall art than an engraving of your and your family in a tablet you can hand, or reclaimed wood that could function as a table? Leaving out the corporate is the best way of ensuring your home has vitality and depth, and is unique in all the theming you hope to employ here. Without it, your home can often feel stale, and a little lacking in depth and beauty. We’re not here to judge or to tell you to make certain purchasing decisions, but like always investing in a higher quality offering can lend you to make better decisions, and this goes tenfold when hoping to install your personality into a home space.

A Taste Of History

Everyone has a favorite historical time. Everyone is also from a select culture and historical backdrop. There’s no escaping this. There is also no need to be ashamed of this. Multicultural societies are desirable and wonderful, that goes without saying, but there’s absolutely no reason to feel ashamed of flaunting your heritage and feel proud of it. This might mean heading to the place you were raised and finding pieces of furniture or decoration style that were custom made for that area. It might be your town was once famous for carpets, and in this effort a certain pattern emerged that signified the makers mark of that town. It might take you time to track down and money to invest, but bringing in home implements like this can often help you stay much more aware of your own personal history, and craft the home narrative you live within.

With these simple tips, injecting a little personality in your home will become second nature. Be sure to have fun!

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