How I Balance Personality with Style in My Home

I’m sure many of you reading this will agree with me when I say that my home is my sanctuary. Whether you’ve moved several times around the country, or you’ve never left the same area from where you grew up, creating that feeling of calm and being able to unwind at the end of the day is so important.

The problem is, although I like my home to be super-stylish, I also like to add some personality to my space, and that can sometimes be a problem for everyone else! I don’t want to bombard them with colours they don’t like or hundreds of trinkets I’ve picked up over the years. So, there are a few key principles I always stick to when it comes to adding those little personal touches that make my home feel like mine – I hope you find them just as useful…


  • What look am I trying to create?

Whenever I freshen up a room in my home, I always try to keep a clear vision of what I want in my mind. That way, whenever I go interiors shopping, I won’t just pick things up off the shelves. I try to ask myself whether it will go with the overall theme and mood that I’m trying to create in that room.

If the answer is “no” I always put it back on the shelf – otherwise, I’ll just end up with a mish-mash room that makes people wonder what on earth I was thinking. This way, I’ll get a room I love that’s still perfectly on trend.

  • What do I want my home to tell my guests?

The next thing I always try to keep in mind is how I want my guests to feel when they walk in a room. If I want a room to be light, bright and tranquil, I’ll go for cool tones like blue and green, and then add accessories such as candles and flowers that pick up the colours I’ve gone for.

In the bathroom, I want things to be fresh and inviting, so I stick to white colours to highlight how clean it is, and then add little bright bursts of colour here and there, like with the towels, luxury handwashes and a reed diffuser with floral scents.

  • Opt for unique accessories

Finally, once I have my room all laid out, I’ll add certain unique accessories to finish it off. For example, if I were going for a monochrome look in the living room, very sleek and sophisticated, I would add some large, framed photo prints from Hello Canvas in black and white.

That way, I can pick the frame to match the surroundings, and it will make my family photos look much more professional, and a truly unique piece of wall art. Or instead, I’ll make my own jam-jar lights or terrarium for the coffee table.

I hope you enjoyed this post – how do you stay stylish at home?

*collaborative post

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