Valentine’s Hamper: For the Person Who Has Everything?

When thinking about getting things for valentines, there are some fun gift ideas, cheeky gift ideas, grand gift ideas, or super romantic gift ideas. But what if the person that you are buying for is one of those people that ‘has everything’? Whether they just have fussy tastes, are quite particular about things, or literally have everything that they want or need: they can be tricky people to buy for, especially if you are on a selected budget. So if your loved one sounds a little like that, then getting a hamper for them can be a really good idea.

Choosing a few of the their favourite things and popping them in a basket is an easy way to do a DIY one, which is usually a good idea as you know that they’re going to love what is in it. But if you’re not likely to see them in person, sending one can cost a lot of money, as well as costing a lot to put it together and source a wicker hamper or basket. Plus, it can save time to just order online (honestly, online shopping is the dream).

I was recently sent a valentine’s hamper from The Gift Experience to see if I can put the theory to the test; does a hamper work for those people on your list that are tricky to be for? I was sent the Cheeky Monkey Romantic Sweet Hamper (priced at £36.99) an it was filled with all sorts of goodies. It included:

  • Wicker Hamper
  • Cheeky Monkey Cuddly Toy
  • different Romantic Retro Sweet Classics, such as strawberry hearts, Jelly Babies, fried eggs, foam bananas, flying saucers, cola bottles, Love Hearts, poppin’ candy, drumstick lollies, and so on.

It was all presented in a large traditional wicker basket. The basket in itself was a treat as it can be used for storage in the home as it looks good too. The things that you get in the hamper is vast, which is why they can make a really great gift. I was really impressed by the quality of the produce in the hamper too; some brands that I had heard of, others that I hadn’t. But all good quality regardless, and a really retro sweet vibe reminding me of popping to the sweet shop when I was younger. Really pleased with it. But for valentines, why is a hamper a good choice?

4 Reasons Why Hampers a Good Choice

  • Easy to organise: whether you’ve put it together yourself or bought online, they are easy to organise and put together.
  • Looks great: there is something that is really special about getting a hamper, opening it up and seeing what is inside, or arranging it for them to show off what is inside; as there a several things, it really looks great compared to just a singular gift.
  • Personalised: I am all for a personal gift, so think that hampers are a great way to personalise a gift. Whether it is something that you know they will love, or by creating a personalised label, it is juts for them, rather than something ‘off the shelf’
  • Budget-Friendly: you can create or buy a hamper around any budget that you have, so it works for something small to something bigger; something for everyone.

Are you someone that celebrates valentines’ day? Celebrate or not, hampers are a great gift for any occasion – I love getting them and sending them to others too. It would be great to hear what you think.

*this is a collaborative post with The Gift Experience – all words and opinions are my own.

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