Thinking of Getting a Pet Dog? Some Great Mixed Breed Dogs for a Family

Across the world, more and more people are opting to keep a pet. For example, in the UK, the level of dog ownership has been rising steadily since the 1970s. People love pets, and in many countries, dogs are now more popular than cats.

If you are looking for a dog for your kids there is plenty of choice. Some of the best options are the new mixed breed dogs that have become more widely available over the past few years. Here is our round up of some of the nicest, and you could also check out The Goody Pet’s article on “Best Family Friendly Dog



Morkies are a cross between the super friendly and loyal Yorkie breed and the sophisticated and stylish Maltese. They look cute and are not too big, so you have no problems fitting them in the car for days out. Importantly, they are very playful and inquisitive dogs with plenty of energy. They never tire of company, so if your little one wants to spend hours in their den, feeding teddy and your morkie at a pretend tea party that is not a problem. The morkie will sit there and put up with it, as long as they are chatted to incessantly.

Golden Cockerpoo

If you want a slightly bigger dog, the golden cockerpoo is a good option. These dogs are a cross between a miniature poodle and a golden cocker spaniel. They love to be outdoors, so will like spending time in the garden with the children. If your kids enjoy running around in the park, they will have an enthusiastic companion. They love nothing better than chasing a ball.

The great thing about this dog is that they look fantastic, and have lovely fur. Yet they are still low maintenance. Another plus is that they do not shed much hair, so you will not have to follow them around with the Hoover.


The Pugalier

Perhaps one of the cutest crossbred dogs out there is the pugalier. These little chaps are a cross between a pug and a cavalier. They have the stoic character of the pug mixed with the energy of the cavalier. The fact that their snout is not flat against the face means that they do not have the breathing problems, which afflict many purebred pugs.


These very pretty looking dogs are a cross between a West Highland Terrier and a border collie. If you buy one of these, you are going to get a very pretty and cute dog that is feisty and interesting. They love human company, so are a good play companion for children. With this dog, you get the loyalty and work ethic of a border collie mixed with the energy, tenacity, and curiosity of a terrier.

You can find some great mixed breed puppies for sale in your area by clicking this link. This breeder has been working with crossbred puppies for many years, so are very experienced. They know a great deal about the various mixed breeds, and are an excellent source of advice if you are thinking of buying one.


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