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As a blogger and a parent (OK, just a person in general), I take a lot of photographs. I mean, a lot. I don’t share all of them but they are still all stored on the computer or on various social media. I am the worst at getting any type of photo printed out.

Back in LBC (life before children), I was well into scrapbooking. I had photos printed all the time and would spend hours making photo albums and memory books. Now, ain’t nobody got time for that! Well, I certainly don’t. So when I could try the photo book from Cheerz I was excited! I like to have my memories in printed form and it makes it so easy to do so!

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You can upload your photos to your book from your computer, or even from your social media. You can log in with your Instagram or Facebook and print those photos if you’d rather. I think it was pretty perfect for me, as I upload a lot of pictures online. The website was easy to use and really straightforward. The whole process was quick. They suggest which pictures go where on the album or you can rearrange them. You can have words printed on the front of the album and change the colour of the book too.



I was pleased with the quality of the album that I got. When you are uploading the photos, it will tell you if it thinks that the photos won’t print out very well. So you don’t have to worry that you will get a bad quality album.




I loved the speed of the process and think that it is a handy way to get your photos all organised. You can annotate the pictures so you can record where and when the photos were taken. The cost of the book is a little steep in my opinion. The albums start from £35 and depends on how many pages your album has (each album fits around 4 small photographs on it). I think you are paying for the easy and convenience. If I was to take my Instagram photos and save them all individually, it would take quite a while. So it is up to you if you can justify the price for the time saved.

Have you ever heard of Cheerz before? You can print out individual photographs on their site too.


*the album was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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  • I love this. I used to scrapbook and loved printing out photos. Can’t remember the last time I printed out photos. I love this idea because its nice to hold an album in your hands full of memories. Your pictures turned out beautiful. I’m totally checking out cheerz.