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I have been blogging ‘properly’ for nearly two years now. I don’t think that you don’t need lots of equipment to blog, as long as you have a laptop or computer you can get on with it. Though, a good camera is pretty essential. In the early days, a lot of my pictures were using my camera phone – oh dear (particularly as it was a really rubbish phone). You don’t need a super fancy DSLR or anything but an actual camera, rather than a phone camera, will make the world of difference on your blog. The quality of your pictures will improve (just like it would if you were to upgrade your TV from HD to a 4k TV).


I am by no means an expert but just sharing what I have learnt along the way.

I think if you are a food blogger in particular, then it is all about the lighting!

  • Take photos under natural light. Do not use the built-in flash. Basically ever. Can make things a little awkward when cooking to make sure you do it in daylight hours but hey ho, life as a blogger 😉
  • Move around to find the best light. Don’t feel like you can only take photos in your kitchen. I quite often take photos outside with tablecloths and props as my kitchen can be quite dark, even on a sunny day.
  • Try taking photos from multiple angles. Some food pictures look far better from above, some from the side, others at a different angle. Having lots of photos is key so that you can choose your favourites later.
  • Minimize clutter. I really like simple, clean (if that makes sense) photos. If spoons or cloths aren’t adding anything to the picture then remove it. Big believer in less is more, particularly in food photography.
  • Take it easy with editing. Again, I think less is more. If you’ve got a fairly decent camera, plus got the lighting right, then I don’t think much editing will be required. Keep it simple.

South African Pear, Parma Ham and Rocket Pizza

As for lifestyle shots, overall I think that you shouldn’t over think it all. Styled shots are great (as is the case with food photography generally), but I think that photos are the best when they show genuine emotion. I love it when photos capture true emotions and capture that exact moment – it makes for a much better way at capturing memories. Having said this, it isn’t easy but with some trial and error, plus taking a lot of pictures, you’ll get there.

What tips would you add? What do you find works best for your photos?

Rebecca x

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