Six Reasons Why Phuket Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

Are you more of a summer person or a winter person? Maybe you’ve had enough hot chocolate for now and your body is crying out for sunshine and vitamin D. Well, while you’re layering up for the depths of winter, half way across the world people are waltzing around in shorts and t-shirts. Sickening, isn’t it?! So if you’re warm blooded trapped in a chilly country, or winter just isn’t your thing, that’s no problem. Make all of your family and friends green (or pale) with envy by booking yourself a winter getaway! Can’t justify it? How about this for an idea; instead of wrapping something up that will be forgotten about in a heartbeat, why not gift your other half an experience that they’ll remember forever?

Whether you’re a regular traveller or you don’t get away as much as you’d like, we all need a break once in awhile. The perfect destination for relaxing and unwinding is Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is the largest and most popular island in Thailand, located in the south. It’s is highly developed with various top notch hotels. If Phuket isn’t on your bucket list, it should be! It is a great destination for families, gap year students, and couples alike! To find out more about prices then you can click here to find out more. But here are some of the reasons why it needs to be on your bucket list:



Have a wander around Phuket Town where you’ll have the chance to absorb the Thai culture and admire its ancient Chinese architectural glory. Enjoy a historical awakening by going on an expert led tour. Phuket Town is the place to be if you’re after a souvenir to remember your trip by.


Who doesn’t love Thai food? Food is among Thailand’s most famous exports, but nothing compares to authentic Thai food prepared by experienced Thai chefs from the motherland. From the simplest street stalls to the most opulent restaurant; you won’t be disappointed with the unique and delicious blend of flavours available to you. The food in Thailand really is something you have to taste to believe.

Unbelievable Beaches:

White sand and clear emerald ocean is what drives the majority of people to Thailand. Seeking natural beauty and ultimate utopia, Thailand’s beaches will have you in awe. Why not try snorkelling or scuba diving for an epic sea life experience?



For those of you who want more than just the beach, Phuket has an array of activities for you to participate in. Try your hand at parasailing or water skiing with sea views that will blow your mind. From canoeing around Phang Nga Bay to exploring rainforests, ancient temples and elephant riding, there really is something for everybody.


When the sun goes down after a long day of beaching, the fun doesn’t have to stop! Patong has gained a reputation for its hedonistic nightlife thanks to its night markets, beer bars, flashy cabaret shows, go go bars and clubs.


Choose the resort that is right for you and yours! From stylish 5 star villas to luxurious hotels, Phuket is home to some incredible accommodation that will make your trip a total delight.

Have you ever been to Thailand, or in particular, Phuket? Would love to hear what you think!

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