Finish Off Any Room With Stylish Accessories

If you look at a room, the accessories really are what gives a room its personality. They do a variety of things from creating a more cosy and homely look, to adding details that will show off the feel of the room, as well as giving you a certain feeling or vibe when you step into a room. i know when I have been in homes that don’t have anything on display or any pictures or art on the walls, and it makes the home feel quite cold and clinical. And unless that is the look that you’re going for, adding some accessories an really finish it all of.

Small and simple is often the way to go, as I am not a fan of clutter. But well placed and stylish items can finish a room off and look really great. Here are some things that you could add to your home if you feel like it needs something a little extra.

Plants and Flowers

It might sound a little funny to say, but flowers and plants in a room can add life and energy (not to mention the cleaner air benefits of having house plants). Bringing a little bit of the outside in is always a good thing, and an easy way to add some colour in the home. I like to keep flowers seasonal, think poinsettias at Christmas, daffodils and tulips in spring, and so on. But having succulents in the home can add a funky look to the room as well as being low-maintenance to care for.

The bonus with plants and flowers is that you can go big or go small. A large plant pot with a tall house plant can look great by a sofa, for example, but small plant pots can look good on a shelf or windowsill.

White florist unit from PIB – £145

Window Treatments

Have you ever thought about what impact the window treatments have on a room? We all know that we like something on our windows, as having no blinds really can be quite clinical looking (and a little creepy at night), but what is the difference? I think that having long drapes or floor-skimming curtains can add quite a feeling or grandeur or drama, as they are really making a statement. Roller or Roman blinds, for example, are a lot more casual and let a lot of light in, so can be an option when wanting to create a more casual or calming finish.

What you frame your windows in will also have an impact on the colour of the room, and colours do impact mood; so choose wisely.


Having rugs in the home can add a lot of depth and warmth. Because wooden floors or tiled floors can be all well and good and everything, but sometimes when a rug is added in your living room, along with club & armchairs it can help to create a much cosier look. You can add depth with rugs too as your eye is drawn to them when walking in a room, rather than the quite ‘flat’ simple flooring. Rugs can help to add a mature look to a room too, and you can add texture by getting a rug in a different style to anything else in the room.

Lamps and Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in any home, so that is worth thinking about. The good news is that lamps and lights are so versatile, leaving you with plenty of options, from sconces, to floor lights, pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps, and so on. Using lamps and having dimmer lights can help to create a warm and cosier feel to a room as you can create the ambience that you want.

From a style point of view, lamps are where you can make a statement and get pretty creative, whether that be with bold lampshades or by using filament bulbs or funky fixtures.

Art, Photos, and Trinkets

It can take time to add the things on the walls and the little bits around the home that you want; you might find things along the way that you might like and then go from there. Think about mixing things up a little, going for different textures and so on, as well as using things like odd numbers, like three trinkets together, three cushions, or three pictures on a wall.

Hope you have found these items really helpful. What do you think looks the best to finish off the style of a room?

*this is a collaborative post with – all opinions are my own.

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