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As busy parents, sometimes we have so much on. We have to think of getting the kids here, there and everywhere, as well as thinking about work and sorting out the house. That is even before we have started thinking about what we are having for dinner. Which is why a meal delivery, like Piccolo Plates, can be heaven sent.

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I have always tried to cook from scratch. Since becoming a parent I have been able to work from home so I am around more to do it. Plus, I quite enjoy cooking. Now that I am not eating refined sugar, there is even more reason to cook from scratch as so many things are just laden with sugar!


I love that all of the meals from Piccolo Plates are home cooked and prepared. They are full of proper foods and don’t contain any preservatives, additional sugar or anything artificial. They are all prepared by the duo of a chef and nutritionalist, so you know that the meals are prepared with healthy and satisfying meals in mind.



So how did they taste? The meals tasted great! There are a variety to choose from, including things like chicken and pesto nuggets, shepherds pie, veggie pie, cottage pie, fish pie and cod and salmon goujons. I had to try a little of each of them of course 😉 The most important thing was that the kids ate the meals – and even asked for seconds! The veggie pie was the favourite; I think it was the sweetness of the sun dried tomatoes. The meals were easy to reheat with instructions given, along with the ingredients and any allergy warnings.



The meals are £5 each and there is plenty for two young children (and mum to have a taste). I think that is is totally value for money, as it makes it around £2 per portion. They are filled with vegetables, so you would only need to add additional vegetables on the plate if you wanted to.



Though the meals were tasty, I am not sure if it is something that I would order regularly. I would, however, use this at times when you know cooking is going to be out of the question. If you had a new baby, or just back from holiday for example. When you can plan ahead and order in advance, I think it is a great service. You can freeze them too, so you could order them and stock up the freezer. It is so much better to have good, healthy and quality food delivered, rather than reaching for a pizza or ready meal.

Have you ever used a service like this before? Do you think that you ever would?


*the meals were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All options are my own.

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