Get That Glow: Achieve Picture Perfect Skin Without The Filter

Picture perfect skin, the beauty feature that we are all obsessed with. So much so that there are filters that we can apply to our photos to blur imperfections and blemishes, these filters allow us to ensure that in every photo our skin looks perfect. However, despite the fact that your skin may glow in photos thanks to the use of filters and editing tools, that doesn’t mean that it glows in real life.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could achieve picture perfect skin without the use of a filter, editing tools, or heavy makeup? While there is nothing wrong with editing your photos, wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have to? Imagine having skin that looked perfect without a filter in place – this most probably seems almost impossible if you have blemish prone skin, but believe it or not, it is possible. It’s just a case of knowing what your skin needs to become healthier…


Give your skin the best daily care

If you are not already giving your skin the very best daily care, now is the time to start. For skin that’s healthy and has a beautiful glow to it, it needs proper care. This means cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin each morning and evening, to remove any dirt or oil. Dirt and oil allow free radicals to cause unvisible damage to the skin, making it more prone to early onset ageing, which is why daily cleansing and toning is so important for healthy skin. It also helps to prevent blemishes from occurring as the most common cause of breakouts is bacteria on the skin, often caused by not cleansing the skin regularly enough. Remember, when selecting a moisturiser, pick one that is a good fit for your skin type. For instance, if you have oily, spot prone skin, you want a light, oil-free moisturiser, not a heavy one, as this may block your pores and make your breakouts worse.

Put your bad habits behind you

When it comes to skin health, your lifestyle can have an impact, which is why it’s so important to make good choices. If you smoke, for instance, this can impact the health of your skin and can cause breakouts. That’s why, if you want healthy skin, it’s important to put your bad habits behind you, such as smoking or drinking too many cocktails, as these things can impact your skin health. Admittedly, quitting smoking isn’t always easy. However, if you were to invest in an e-cigarette from Aspire UK or another specialist company and swap to using that instead, you would probably find quitting easier and notice that your skin becomes healthier. You see, the chemicals in cigarette smoke can irritate the skin and block the pores, making smokers more prone to breakouts and blemishes. So if you want picture perfect skin, quitting smoking is the answer.


Eat your way to gorgeous skin

Believe it or not, what you eat can have an impact on your skin. So if you want gorgeous skin that you can be proud of, it’s important to eat well. When it comes to eating your way to beautiful skin, it’s important to make healthy choices. If possible, avoid foods high in processed sugar, as processed sugar can cause the skin to age prematurely and can also make you more prone to breakouts. It’s also important to ensure that you are eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, as to be healthy the skin needs all of the right vitamins and nutrients. It’s also important to drink plenty of water, to ensure that your skin stays hydrated. If you don’t drink enough, you will find that your skin becomes dry and loses its glow.

Be choosy about what you use on your skin

Last but definitely not least, when it comes to the products that you use on your skin, it is worth being choosy. The fact is that although they might be cheaper, products that aren’t natural aren’t a good option as they can cause your skin to become sore, irritated, and more prone to problems. It’s much better to invest in your beauty products, from your cleanser to your foundation, and only buy natural products. They might cost more, but they really are worth it, as you will see when your skin health begins to improve. If you can’t afford to buy all natural products, perhaps you could opt to go down the DIY route with some of them? Making your own beauty products is much easier than you would think.  

To achieve picture perfect skin without the filter, make sure to take note of the tips and advice above, and implement them.

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