Three Places You Should Go for Your Dream Vacation

You are wanting to go on a vacation; you are wanting to take a dream vacation to the most amazing place you can imagine. Trouble is, you may not know where that amazing place is. Do not worry. Here you will discover three great countries to visit that will not disappoint.


After reading this, you will be ready to sprint off to one of these amazing countries. First, make sure you can afford it. Second, plan your trip; do not try to fit too much into each day. Third, pack. Fourth, fly to your dream vacation!


The Land Down Under has a lot to offer. Beautiful beaches for some sun and surfing, gorgeous scenery to trek through or look at, and terrific culture for experiencing; and of course there is the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef. The Aussies have created a laid-back way of life that makes the country a great place to relax or adventure, or both.


Sydney is the tourist capital of Australia. Hosting both the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, the city is full of cultural and historical sites. Performances at the Opera House are year-round, while the restaurants serve some of the finest local cuisine in the country.


Uluru, in the heart of the Outback, is an amazing rock feature that spans a mile across and six miles around. Hiking around this massive mound of sandstone can take several hours; hours in which to enjoy the beauty of the arid Australian landscape against the beautiful blue horizon. You are bound to see plenty of native wildlife and discover aboriginal cave paintings from tens of thousands of years ago.


Set out along the Great Ocean Road to discover even more great sites to visit, and towns full of local culture to experience. You will pass the 12 Apostles along the way. This limestone formation has taken millions of years to form, and will one day disappear, thanks to erosion from the ocean. Rising out of the sea, these amazing features, once part of the coastline, have broken down into standalone pillars of rock.


New Zealand

Another great location to visit. Located in the South Pacific, the two main islands have recently been discovered to be the tips of an eighth continent, completely submerged otherwise. Be prepared to be outdoors; the best part of this country is the environment. Very few places on Earth can compare to the stunning spectacle of New Zealand!


The North Island has many adventures awaiting you. Explore the Waitomo Caves on foot or by water. If you go in by foot, watch out for sparkling glow worms. If you take a boat, watch out for underground rapids! There are seemingly infinite parks and areas ideal for hiking. Several active volcanoes have created some amazing landscapes that will leave you in awe. You can even visit sites used during the filming of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. Hobbiton actually exists (or that should read “remains”) and the location is open to tourists.


The South Island, the bigger of the two, is home to Mt. Cook, the tallest point in New Zealand. Along with hiking the trails, you can also view the wonders of the night sky by visiting the Mt. John Observatory. You will be able to look out into the mesmerizing beauty of space, unimpeded by light pollution typically found in cities.


The entire country is perfect for backpacking, skiing, kayaking, and exploring activities. Make sure you have plenty of memory available on your camera. You will be taking a ridiculous number of pictures of this expansive and awesome country!



Land of the Rising Sun. When we think of this island nation, we think of high-tech cities, mountain temples, anime, Mario, imperial palaces, martial arts, and kimonos. You will see all of these during a vacation to Japan.


Mt. Fuji is the pinnacle of the Japanese landscape. Rising nearly 13,000 feet above the surrounding area, the snow-covered mountain has been featured in many movies and countless pieces of artwork and photography.


There are an incredible number of feudal castles to discover in this ancient land. Many of them have had to be rebuilt over the years due to the constant warfare riddling Japan’s history. Himeji Castle is one such castle. The castle is painted white to resemble a bird in flight.


No trip to Japan would be complete without a visit to the country’s capital, Tokyo. The city that has been destroyed by Gojira (Godzilla) countless times, it is a wonder that it is in such good shape as it is. The city mixes the past with the future; skyscrapers mix with ancient Shinto and Buddhist shrines and temples, high speed bullet trains zip through the city while bicyclists pedal their way along the car-flooded streets.


The city has its own version of the Eiffel Tower, called the Tokyo Tower, that you can look out upon this modern marvel of a city. You can also tour parts of the Tokyo Imperial Palace (yes, Japan is still ruled in part by an emperor) which houses works of art and pieces of Japanese history.

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