3 Things You Need To Plan Before Your Next Holiday

Getting around to booking that next holiday is such a great feeling: knowing that break from work is not far away, giving you something new to look forward to. However, it can be difficult to really appreciate the time spent away if you are not fully prepared for it. Leaving the planning last minute can make it a stressful experience, when it really should not be. Below are a few tips that you can use before your trip to make the time off run smoothly, making it easier to relax and appreciate the new city, culture or trip.

Organise Your Travel Money

Whether you are jetting off the other side of the world or you have just planned a romantic weekend away in Europe, you will need to plan for the money situation of the country you are visiting. With the pound being only used on our shores, there is always the added pain of thinking about what is the local currency and planning accordingly. With the introduction of credit cards, it has become a lot easier and handier to pay for items, but you will most likely still get charged for using them abroad. To get ahead of those extra costs, sort out how much money you will need for your trip and get it before you leave, to save the hassle when you arrive in a new city and country. Having this organised will give you peace of mind to focus on relaxing on your time abroad.

Plan Your Itinerary

After booking your accommodation and flights, you may be happy to turn up and find out when you get there what you can do in the specific city or country. However, a great tip is to plan your itinerary, making you understand what amenities and activities are on offer when you visit. Planning and pre-booking restaurants, guided tours or day trips to tourist hives means you can visit the places you really want to, unlike turning up and not getting space at that recommended food spot. This also gives you more time whilst on the trip to enjoy what is on offer, rather than rushing last minute and trying to plan everything in a panic. Having a little spare time is also great, as you can ask locals for any recommendations that you may not have known about before too.


Making sure you are covered for any eventuality for your trip is essential. If anything goes wrong on your trip, knowing that you are insured gives you peace of mind if you are unfortunate enough to need it on your holiday. Sites like UCompare make it easy to check the best travel insurance in minutes. With a variety of insurance packages available, from single trips to an annual cover, they have great options at your disposal. Also make sure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which gives you right to access state-provided healthcare throughout Europe. A worthwhile card to have for your holiday!

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