How to Plan for the Perfect Winter Getaway

With fall well under way and winter just around the corner, people are beginning to plan for their holiday vacations. Any traveller moving about the country during the latter months of the year should prepare for the added travel costs associated with winter travel. Prices are steepest during the days surrounding the major holidays, but there are still deals to be found and many ways to save money during this time. Read on to learn our favourite money-saving tips to keep in mind as you plan your dream winter getaway.

Package Deals

First, it’s important to remember that package deals can be a great money-saving prospect for many travellers. Winter resorts offer many stay-and-ski packages, and people travelling to tropical locations can find flights and hotels sold together on popular travel sites such as Travelocity. There are often value-added deals associated with these kinds of packages including free night stays, free event tickets, or discounts on food and drinks. When browsing different packages make sure to be on the lookout for unique options, such as kids-stay-free deals.

Consider A Vacation Rental

Location is everything when you plan a vacation, and that means that the resorts at the foot of the mountain are going to be far more expensive than something farther afield. A great way to save money on accommodations is to book at a vacation rental rather than a hotel. Use AirB&B to find a large house, the cost of which you can split with multiple families. Saving money in this way frees you up to spend a little more on the adventures you plan to take.

Prepare Your Home Before You Take Off

While it’s easy to get distracted with pre-travel tasks like scheduling flights, planning activities, and packing bags, it’s also a good idea to make sure that your home is kept safe and in good working order while you’re away. Make sure to seal your windows, tighten your faucet dials, and set your thermostat to a reasonable level before you go.

You should also higher professional to assess your furnace before you leave. It’s important to know when to replace your furnace — especially if doing so before you go saves you the hassle of potentially returning home to a crisis. Making needed repairs or replacements before you leave will ensure that you’re not looking at thousands in costs when you return.

And while it might be tempting to simply shut off your furnace while you’re away, that only means that you’ll be returning to frigid temperatures and that your furnace will have to work overtime just to get things up and running once you get home. Keep your thermostat at 55° while you’re gone to avoid extra strain on your appliances and extra cost when you return home from your travels.

Consider Baggage Fees

It pays to take baggage fees into consideration, especially if you’re planning a ski vacation and are thinking of bringing your own equipment. Baggage fees can add up, especially with extra ski equipment for a family of four or more. Be sure to find an airline that allows you to carry extra baggage on the cheap. Or simply consider renting your ski equipment from the lodge once you arrive.

Take the above steps to reduce both the costs and the stress associated with winter travel, and you’ll be well on your way to a blissful getaway.

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