Planning a Kid-Free Romantic Evening

When you are a parent, you sometimes lose sight of what it means to be a wife as well. It is important to keep the romance alive in your relationship so that you can be sure that your marriage stays super strong. If you can’t remember the last time you spent an evening together, it is time to start planning one right now. I’d like to share this little guide with you to help you along the way.



Make a mystery for him

If you straight up tell your husband that you are planning a romantic evening for him, it is no fun at all. In fact, it means that there is a whole load of pressure on you to make the night special and exciting. You should surprise your partner with the evening itself. Keeping your plans a secret will be hard, but it will mean that you both adore this new experience.

Text him in the day to give him clues

When the big day comes, you should text your husband throughout the day to tell him what is going on when he gets home. Of course, you don’t want to give the game away right away, and so you need to keep the mystery alive. Give your partner some little clues about what you have planned for the evening. Don’t tell him everything – just give him hints so that it intrigues him. When you have his attention, he won’t stop thinking about what will happen when he gets home.

Sort out a nanny

As I mentioned before, sometimes, it is important to have some time away from your kids. Get someone responsible to take your children so that you can chill out. For example, you could find a nanny who can care for your kids for the evening. If you want the night to be romantic, you can’t have your children running around the house or watching TV. Get some childcare so that the kids have somewhere else to go. That way, you can have a relaxing night without having to worry about your little ones.

Tell him how you feel (in notes)

If you want to show your husband how you feel about him, you should write down your feelings. For some reason, the art of writing love letters has gone out of fashion. There is nothing more loving than writing romantic things down for your partner. You can leave the notes around the house so that he finds them throughout the night.

Wear something fantastic

When was the last time you dressed up for your husband? You know what he likes, and so you can choose an outfit that he will adore. If you want, you can wear something that he has bought you so that he knows you appreciate it. You should spend some time doing your hair and makeup so that you look incredible for when he comes home.

Cook a delicious meal

No evening is complete without some tasty food. If you are like me, you will love cooking. Choose a style of cuisine that you know your husband loves. For example, if your partner likes spicy food, you might want to make him a traditional Indian meal. You can find recipes online to help you create your menu. It is worth choosing the recipe a few days before your evening together so that you have time to get the right ingredients.


When you have followed all these steps, there is not much you need to do at all. When your husband gets home from work, he will like that you have gone to all this trouble to make his night perfect. Now, all you need to do is enjoy some lovely time together!

Rebecca x

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