Planning Ahead for Spring and Summer with Protest

Life feels a bit strange at the moment, with things kind of being at a standstill with all that is going on. There is an air of uncertainty, and it is something that is definitely making me feel quite anxious. But there is one that helps me to get out of my head and to plan, and that is thinking of holidays and the summertime. We have some ideas of travel plans, though nothing is firmed up yet, but I am dreaming of some sun after the wettest couple of months that the UK has ever recorded; what a start to 2020, eh?

I am also someone that is a bit of a list-maker, and when it comes to our travels or days out around home, I like to write lists ahead of time, so that I can be best prepared and to pack accordingly. Swimwear, like swimsuits and bikinis, is one of the number one things that you need for spring and summer, right? So I have been looking at what is available and what the trends are, so that I can get planning. I will be by a beach or by a pool at some point in the year, I am certain of it.

Buckle Up

In the past I have never really gone for a push up bikini, it is a really cool trend and looks super stylish. Having a buckle or a ring can give the swimwear an element of showing more skin, as it gives it kind of a cut-out look, which I think looks really good. Not only that, there are bikinis out there with buckles on straps, giving a practical element, as well as a stylish one. 

Scalloped Edges

If you are looking for a bikini that is a little more on the cute and pretty scale, rather than bold and sexy like buckles and ringe, then choosing a triangle bikini with a scalloped edge could be the way to go. The waves on the edge really soften the edges, making it a really feminine and cute look, and can take a bikini in a simple block colour, and give it an extra element of fun, rather than leaving it plain-looking. 

Seersucker and Smocking Details

Seersucker details and smocking details are usually something that you would associate with dresses, but Protest have some swimwear in that is playing with these fun fabric techniques. The ruched appearance can be ever so flattering, as well as making the swimwear even more comfortable to wear, as there is that little bit more material. 


Much like a scalloped edge, the ruffle look is something that I am loving for spring and summer this year. Adding a ruffle onto a bikini or swimsuit can take it from bland to pretty in no time. It is a great trend; really fun and playful.

High waist

I am here for a high waist trend! It is definitely a thing for me post-children, but I think they are ultra flattering and really stylish with a kind of retro vibe too. If you want to keep it more modern rather than retro, then go for modern designs, and avoid florals. The high waist trend is such a good style for comfort as well as style.

Protest have a great range of swimwear that I have been lucky enough to get my hands on, and I have been really impressed with them as a brand. With so much talk about how we can help the environment, one thing that makes sense is making sure that the clothing we wear in the ocean, that can directly impact marine life, is going to be safe. Protest have made a conscious choice to make sure that their new SS20 range for the women and girls swimwear and tankinis is all PFC-free (perfluorinated chemical free), as well as making men’s board shorts from recycled materials. It is great to see them making changes and having a positive impact on the world around them. 

Have you got plans for summer yet? Any swimwear trends you’re loving at the moment? It would be great to hear what you think!

*this is a collaborative post, however all opinions are my own.

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