Planning the Perfect Housewarming Party

Whether you’re moving back into your childhood hometown, or you have a friend who’s just moving within the same town, it’s important to celebrate a significant change like moving.  By throwing the perfect party, you can start your life in a new home on a high note!

Here are some tips for making your housewarming party a fantastic time for everyone!

Don’t Rush It

Although it may seem tempting to rush into throwing your party the second you have your keys, that’s not usually the best option.  Give yourself a couple of weeks to unpack and settle into your new home. The party will be more enjoyable for everyone if you’re completely comfortable with your surroundings.

Invite Neighbors and Friends

Don’t be afraid to invite your neighbors!  Regardless of whether your new home is an apartment or a house, ask your neighbors to attend the party.  This small action will give you a chance to build a sense of community, and you may even make some new and amazing friends from them.

Keep Food Simple

If you’re throwing the party for yourself, you already have enough stress on your shoulders.  You went from furiously googling Toronto real estate to moving into a new place without giving up, and it probably felt like a whirlwind.  Don’t complicate things for yourself more by trying to make a ten-course meal for your guests.  It’s better to make a few foods or snacks exceptionally well than to make a ton of them mediocre.  People are here to see you, and your home, don’t stress about food.

Gift Ideas and Registries

A large part of house warming parties is the gifts that people bring to make your home more comfortable.  Although you shouldn’t expect or require, everyone you invite to bring a gift- most people will want to bring something.  To make it easier on them, consider setting up a wish-list online and including a link to it in your invitations.

The items on your registry should vary from affordable to expensive, large and small, and allow everyone something to pick.  This way, you get to avoid receiving ten welcome mats and three toasters from well-meaning friends.

Let Someone Else Throw it

If you’re unsure about the logistics of a party or are still too overwhelmed by work and your new home, it’s wonderful to let a friend throw the party for you.  Ask someone you trust, a best friend, or a relative, if they can plan and throw the party. It’ll be easier for them since they’re not having to worry about unpacking and moving homes.

Don’t worry about asking for help if you need it.  The average American moves 11 times in their lifetime, so almost everyone understands the stress that comes with changing homes.  People will be willing to help if you let them know what you want.

Congratulations on moving!  Here’s to hoping your housewarming party is the best anyone’s been to, and that you start in your new home on the best foot.

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