Planning Your Dream Wedding Day

So you’ve found your handsome prince, you’ve got the ring on your finger and you may have even booked your dream venue! Exciting times – you’re probably feeling a range of emotions. You may be feeling slightly stressed, possibly about having enough money to pay for your special day. Your wedding day should be the best day of your life but the extravagance is renowned to be bank breaking. These days, people are realising that going into debt over a day that is sadly, over in a flash, just isn’t worth it. 

Of course you want to have a fabulous big day, but don’t let this happy time become too overwhelming and life consuming. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to splash out and where to hold back which can become really stressful. Check out our top tips to save money and still have a wonderful day:

Sending out professionally-printed wedding invitations comes at a price, why not go digital instead? Not only is sending out e-invitations free but It’s an environmentally-friendly solution. What’s more, a website will be a handy place for guests to find information about the venue, such as directions, as well as a place to post their pictures and comments after the event.

Have a weekday wedding! Choosing to marry on the weekend will double the cost of the reception venue! You’ll be able to save a huge chunk by marrying on a Friday, for instance. Everyone you love will make sure they’re there.

Once upon a time, in the olden days, it was customary to have a church wedding ceremony followed by a reception at a separate venue. But times are changing, and more often now the wedding ceremony and following celebrations all take place at one venue. So do you really need a wedding car to arrive in?

If you do opt for a wedding car, instead of spending hundreds of pounds on a hire a car, ask your friend with the sweet wheels if he’ll drive you to the church. Don’t pressure them, but they’d probably love the opportunity to show off their motor.

If things really are becoming too tight and you’re eating into your savings, wedding loans can actually be a great help. Whether you’re looking to take out a loan to pay for just the venue or you’d like it to cover the entire day, one advantage is that your payments are fixed, and you’ll really stick to your wedding budget.

Paying a photographer to capture your wedding day in its entirety can add use up a fair chunk of your budget. Have the photographer capture the formal photos but ask your friends to take pictures themselves using a hashtag that you can follow. You’ll have hundreds of decent snaps to choose from and you could even set a prize for the photo of the day!

It’s the fine details that complete a wedding, and this is where you can really save a lot of money. The more you DIY, the lower your costs will be. You can decorate the reception venue yourself and live to tell the tale. Pick things you’re good at such as making bunting, signs and the table plan. 

Don’t go overboard with flowers. Have your bridesmaids hold something simple yet elegant and choose candelabras for your centrepieces. If you use flowers to decorate the church, designate somebody you trust to bring them along to the reception so they’re not wasted!

Does your aunt make amazing cakes? Don’t be afraid to ask if she wouldn’t mind making your wedding cake in place of a gift, most friends of relatives will see it as an honour and feel they’re being of great help. If you’re not this fortunate, think of alternatives such as a show-stopping doughnut tower or cake pops to add a fun and original element to your day.

It’s likely that you have friends who have already had their special day. If you loved your best friend’s tiara, ask if you can borrow it. You’ll need something borrowed for your wedding anyway!

We hope these tips can help steer you in the right direction for planning your wedding. Try your best to enjoy the journey because you’ll be walking down that aisle before you know it! Best wishes for the big day!

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