Poisons In Your Home: Reduce Toxins And Live A Healthier Life

Many of us are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. We are aware of some of them, such as car fumes, etc. But did you know that toxins also enter your home? Read on to find out what they are and how to eliminate them.



Whether we adhere to it or not, most of us are aware of healthy dietary advice. We know what foods we should be eating and those to limit or avoid. We’re also familiar with the use of pesticides, which is why many of us choose organic alternatives. But it’s not just food choices that could affect our health in a negative way. The pots and pans that we use to cook in may also be toxic.

Some pans made out of aluminium or copper, and some Teflon pans could be leaching toxins into our food. These harmful chemicals are associated with several illnesses from sickness to cardiovascular disorders, etc.

To prevent toxins being transferred to your food, choose carefully when purchasing pots and pans. The safest cookware is that which is coated with materials such as stone, diamond, and porcelain.


Candles are often associated with relaxation, aromatherapy, and wellbeing. We use them to destress and unwind, believing that this has a positive impact on our mental and physical health. But some scented candles contain toxins which are released into your home when burned. Many candles are made from paraffin wax which is a carcinogen. The perfumes used in some scented candles are also harmful and are released into the air when we burn them. And some candles with metal wicks may also create a health hazard if they contain lead.

However, there are healthy alternatives, such as beeswax, soy, and coconut wax candles. These natural alternatives don’t contain the same unhealthy chemicals. You should also make sure you opt for a lead-free wick. Wicks made from natural substances such as cotton or wood are the healthiest options. Some wood wick candles have the added benefit of emitting a pleasant crackling sound when lit. So you have the illusion of a real log fire.

Plastic Water Bottles

Yep, we’re forever being told to drink more water. But did you know that some plastic water bottles contain toxins which leak into the water? Even BPA-free plastic can contain other chemicals which are harmful to us. When we’re feeling smug about drinking water, we may also be ingesting harmful substances.

So, what is the answer? Rather than plastic opt for glass or metal bottles. Tap water is also deemed to be more desirable, but this depends on where in the world you live.


Household Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can affect the endocrine and immune system. These are the products in your cleaning cupboard. They are linked to many illnesses, including breast cancer. So if you think you’re providing a clean, healthy environment for your family, you could be introducing toxins.

Instead, opt for homemade cleaning products made from natural substances. You’ll be amazed at the power of simple ingredients such as white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. This cuts through grease without the need for synthetic chemicals. Another option is to use a steam cleaning system. This uses no chemicals, just water. The steamer turns the water into steam, and this removes grime and bacteria.


The next time you buy your favourite brand of mascara or your go-to foundation cream, check the label carefully. Some makeup contains chemicals that are harmful to the body. Instead, find brands that are made from natural ingredients. Your body will thank you for it.


So what’s the problem with receipts? BPA is dusted onto receipts to activate the print. This can rub off onto your fingers and enter the bloodstream. BPA or Bisphenol A is linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and premature birth. And, the hand sanitizer you use to clean your hands can assist the BPAs to become absorbed into your bloodstream.

Luckily, some companies are aware of this issue and are beginning to introduce BPA-free receipts. Some studies show that leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach can reduce the cellular damage caused by BPAs.



Yes, something as seemingly innocuous as a carpet contains a tonne of chemicals. Examples include toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, ethyl benzene, styrene, and acetone. They also contain known carcinogens that are linked to a range of illnesses, disorders, and abnormalities.

To reduce your exposure to these chemicals, you could remove carpets from your home and opt for wood flooring instead. Or, there is a range of natural floor coverings that can be fitted. Did you know that introducing plants to your home can help purify the air? Some studies show that simple plants such as peace lilies can remove formaldehyde from the air around it.

Air Fresheners

We all want a fresh, clean home that is free of germs and unwanted odours. Home air fresheners are just one of the ways we can achieve this. The problem is that when we use them, they may be releasing harmful chemicals into the environment. Studies have shown that these chemicals can cause developmental and reproductive problems.

So, if you want to scent your home without harming its occupants, what is the answer? Baking soda is your friend. It can be sprinkled onto carpets, bins, and even shoes. The powder absorbs nasty odours, and when you vacuum it up, it is then removed. White vinegar is also a good solution to tackle tough odours. And if you want to add some scent, opt for natural candles such as soy or coconut wax. Essential oils are also made from natural ingredients. Soak some cotton wool balls and leave them around your home. Or for a healthy air freshener spray, mix some essential oil and water and add it to a spritzer.

Some people would argue that we can never be completely toxin-free. We go out into the world each day, work in offices, and visit friends’ homes. We certainly can’t control every environment we enter. However, we can take steps to eliminate toxins from our own home. This is a good start. And even making small changes can have a positive impact.


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