5 Popular Decor Trends You Need To Know About For 2018

We all know that first impressions are key when it comes to interior design and keeping up with the times is a must! In this article, we will highlight some of the hottest decor trends for 2018 including the best complementary colour schemes, furniture picks and room features to give you inspiration for a completely new look.

Light wood cabinets and all-white kitchens

When it comes to styling our kitchens, we have an abundant of decor choices to pick from, almost too much choice! However, we can confirm that 2018 is the year for all-white, clean-looking designs. But if you think your eyes won’t stand the brightness, consider replacing your cabinets and storage units to those made out of pine wood or a light metallic material.

70s-inspired furniture

Good news groovy people! Curved couches and standout lampshades are back (yay!). Transport your home back to the 70s with retro designs and colours. Of course, you don’t need to go crazy; subtlety works very well with this trend. Simply having a wacky lava lamp in the bedroom or a leather ottoman in the study can have a visually pleasing effect. But if you really want to get carried away, think about buying a shag rug, some wicker chairs and some stylish wall hangings for the living room too!

Floral patterns and circle designs

Here at AAUBlog, we’re crazy for everything floral, especially floral interior designs. It’s hard to believe that patterns which are so old-worldly can come back to the modern day so easily. Remember, not everything needs to turn floral. Just by adding a floral feature wall in the living room or subtle flowery curtains in the dining room or even a floral duvet in the bedroom can complete the trend nicely. If you want more inspiration, check out Ideal Home for more great ideas. Another design which is going to be popular this year is circles. This falls in line with the 70s inspired decor which was mentioned previously. Find a pretty couch throw or even some artwork which is filled with classy circle prints and voila!

High contrast backdrops

Yes, you heard it right. Stark colours are back in business! Now Picture this for your living room. Your dark leather corner sofa set against a bold wallpaper backdrop such as red or purple to highlight the difference in shades. Sounds good, right? If you’re not keen on the all-white trend, high contrast palettes also work well in the kitchen too. So, be prepared to purchase the brightest kitchen appliances and set them against a low-key tile wall, or vice versa!

Natural features

We know what you’re thinking, you need to fill your living room with the most exotic and rare plants to live up to this decor. Not at all! By adding a few common pot plants to each room of your house and using more natural materials such as wood floors and feature brick walls will make the space feel more natural in no time. Colours like olive green and beige are also hot palettes for the new year, so get started right away.
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  1. 4th January 2018 / 10:09 pm

    I love reading about new trends. I am really pleased to see that the floral patterns are coming back, I do like them but at one time they were frowned upon.

    • 10th January 2018 / 7:14 pm

      I know, one minute they’re old fashioned but now they are so in!

  2. 5th January 2018 / 6:38 am

    Floral patterns has always been something I have loved. I think you just need to find the right one that suits your home.

  3. 7th January 2018 / 11:26 am

    I like the idea of adding natural features to our house. I think that is what is missing in ours to give it a fresh, modern look

  4. 7th January 2018 / 12:16 pm

    You’ve no idea how happy I am that florals are coming back!! X

  5. 8th January 2018 / 12:12 am

    The white kitchen… Yes, it looks great when it’s clean (i.e. not being used)… Whose kitchen is clean all the time? Only people who eat out could keep this up.
    The other trends I don’t hate.

  6. 9th January 2018 / 1:00 pm

    Hey Rebecca, I like the idea of adding natural features to our house. You have shared such a popular decor trend idea. I love it. Thanks and keep sharing with us.

  7. 14th January 2018 / 8:16 pm

    I love the white kitchen, I think it looks gorgeous.

  8. 16th May 2018 / 2:05 pm

    Great Article,

    Thanks for sharing the popular decor trends. Your article provides nice color schemes, furniture picks, and room features that will help people to decor their home. I liked your idea of the floral pattern for the home decor. I enjoyed a lot reading your article.

  9. 11th December 2018 / 3:13 am

    I’m also super intrigued by the new “3d” wallpaper trend. Seeing it as a nice pop in many modern homes and have started looking at ways to incorporate it with my projects!

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