Preparing Children for School after Daycare or A Nanny

New parents quickly discover numerous cherished moments of happiness and memory-creating events related to the milestones their child or children achieve. From their first word to the first time they balanced themselves, their first faltering steps, and the first scribble, parents live a long series of moments that give joy in the simplest ways. One such significant moment is when you see your young child enter school. Watching them find their way to the class and get seated in one of those cute little chairs is a happiness that is one-of-a-kind. But their first day may go opposite to what you planned.

Children are innocent beings with a sharp learning ability, but it takes the correct teaching method to bring out their capabilities. When your preschooler is getting prepped to enter school, they might face difficulty detaching from you or their nanny. Entering a new environment is not easy for an adult on the first day of work.  Here, we are talking about a child who has barely any experience with the outside world. So, of course, the start of the formal education process looms large in every child’s mind, both at the time and in long term memory.  However, there are ways in which you can prepare your munchkin to begin this new phase without facing many issues or the shedding of a small child’s tears.

Sandra Chiu is the Director at LadyBug & Friends Daycare and Preschool. She speaks about the increasing number of parents opting for daycare facilities after realizing the plus-points of the services. If you are a working parent and a nanny or a daycare facility looks after your child, these arrangements might add to your advantage when your child goes to school. 

Here we need to understand the difference between the outlook of a child whose world contact has been limited to the immediate family and a child who has engaged with fresh faces since the initial days of their lives. Coming from such differing scenarios, each child will react differently when exposed to the school environment or to any new situation. 

This article analyzes the role of a nanny or daycare in preparing a child for school.

Comfort with socializing

When working parents enroll a child in a daycare facility, it is a challenge to separate from their baby, even though it is for a small amount of time and in a controlled location. However, when taken in the early days of a child’s development, this step makes it easier for the child to get comfortable making new friends. Instead of limiting their interaction with family members, they meet kids of their own age and grow accustomed to experiencing changes in their surroundings. 

This helps the child develop a dynamic personality from the earliest stages of development; they get used to socializing and being a part of groups or meeting new people.

Positive outlook towards separation

When placed in a daycare, children experience separation from their parents. Initially, it could be hard for both the parents and the child to temporarily separate, but it helps all concerned get comfortable with it over time.  

A child placed under the supervision of a nanny or a family member, develops a connection with a more limited number of people. They do not have any experience of being away from home or their loved ones. This can lead the child to hold a possible negative outlook whenever they experience parting. They might look at it as a threat and so experience insecurity leading to an adverse reaction.  Often, children mistake separation for lack of love and attention, causing separation anxiety

Daycare prepares children to have a positive attitude towards experiencing a new environment or staying temporarily away from their parents, family, or home. They think of change as a unique opportunity and tend to enjoy it instead of getting upset about it.

Active Learning

After being limited to a comfortable home environment where they are the center of attention, any child who has directly entered school will encounter trouble adjusting to a space with more individuals getting equal attention. They might develop introverted traits and get overwhelmed with their surroundings. Children who come out of daycare facilities and then enter school are more socially active compared to these children. They have already started to learn the process of engaging with and actively participating in group activities. Their daycare experience provides the grounding for developing an independent approach towards learning. Since they have already been a part of groups in their daycare, they are not insecure or scared and can focus more on learning.

They get used to a routine.

Daycare centers follow a routine of nap times, food breaks, and playtime activities to keep the children engaged. This helps the children inculcate a sense of discipline and willingness to follow a routine. When they step into a school, following a schedule is not much of a problem for these children because they have already been doing it for a certain amount of time. Under a nanny, scheduling is more flexible and tends to follow the desires of the child.  Children who have been in daycare centers tend to pick up a routine more naturally when seeing their peers follow in the same way.

When your child is aware of their surroundings and accustomed to adapting to new people around them, they have a smooth transition process from daycare to a school setup. Their immunity, personality, confidence, and socializing skills are already triggered. They showcase better learning and development than children who are in the first stage of adapting to a new environment. 

As a parent, numerous instances will arise in which you will have to make decisions that seem difficult emotionally but have practical advantages for your child’s growth. Enrolling your little child in a daycare center will be one such decision. If the thought of parting from your child for a few office hours is scaring you, before backing away contemplate the benefits of daycare. Think of the advantages it will deliver for your child’s development as well as your own personal and professional well-being.

Author: Sandra Chiu

Sandra Chiu works as Director at LadyBug & Friends Daycare and Preschool.

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