Preparing For Our Final Baby with Bluebell Baby Monitor

I know that time can feel like it flies by when you have children, but never more so than when you’re pregnant. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant, and as we have a date for our baby to be born (for a number of reasons via cesarean), we are literally counting down the days. It feels like we have pretty much everything ready, as much as possible, but it has been quite different getting ready for a new baby since the last time there was a newborn in the house was seven years ago!

The range of baby clothes and baby items out there has changed so much. There are many more options available, from organic baby clothes that are completely natural and free-from dyes and other nasties, to now nappies, wipes, and other things like breast pads that can all be reused. It seems like there was very little of anything like this nearly a decade ago, so the progress in this area has been amazing. Not only those things, but the technology that you can get to help you to monitor and look after your baby has also changed immensely. It seems like all you could get back then was a traditional baby monitor for sounds (and some images) but now there are much more advanced options.

I have been looking at the Bluebell Baby Monitor and I am so impressed. Obviously, I am yet to use it on my actual baby, but we have got it all set up and ready to go for his arrival. The fact that you can connect it all to an app, as well as using wearable technology for both parent and baby, really shows just how much you can see and check on with your little one. I know I will be out of practice with this, so it will definitely make a big difference in my life!

Baby Monitor

There are different packages that you can get, from just the baby monitor sensor, to the smart wristwatch for parents and the HD camera as well, or buy the whole bundle itself. The main monitor is a clip-on sensor that you attach to baby’s clothes, that monitors everything from breathing, temperature, sleeping position, and more, that is all connected to an app that gives you real-time alerts. This can be through the app on your phone, or through the smart wristwatch that the parent wears, that can be bought as an option. The wristwatch itself is subtle, made from comfortable silicone, and as it is water resistant, means that you can wear it with all things that busy parent life can throw at you.

One thing that I have been impressed with about the baby sensor is that it also works when you’re not at home and not connected to your internet. So when we’re visiting people at Christmas and so on, I know it will still work with the parent wristband which makes it super useful for being out and about.

You can also connect a HD camera to the monitor, so you can not only get the alerts and updates on your baby if they are in a different room to you, but you can see them too. This is something that I know I will be making the most of when my baby arrives, as I will have had a c-section. I know that getting up and down will be hard for the first little while, so being able to check on the baby when they’re upstairs sleeping and I’m downstairs will give such peace of mind. Of course, this will be useful as time goes on and the baby gets bigger and older, especially if they start to rollover in their sleep, and so on. 

The hub is a really interesting device, and is where you can charge up your wristwatch and baby sensor. It is useful in its own way too, as it can do more than just be used as a charger. There is a speaker on the hub that can be used to play lullabies, as well as white noise in an effort to get your little one to relax and rest. There is also a two-way audio with the hub, as well as a nightlight on it, which I know will be handy when it comes to feeding and changes in the night and not wanting to put on big or super bright lights. Honestly, when you put it all together, Bluebell has thought of everything to make life as a new parent much simpler!

Setting the Bluebell Baby Monitor Up

I was a little overwhelmed when I opened the box of the baby monitor, I must admit. There is a lot of gear, as I have the nine-in-one kit, with the wristwatch and camera, as well as the baby monitor. However, the instructions are clear and simple. I would recommend plugging everything in first, to get some charge, and then go about connecting it all to the app and to each other. I found it easy to connect it all, and other than it taking a little time for some of the items to charge, it was quick and easy to set up. The app talks you through everything and there are QR codes on the boxes to scan that make connecting it all really simple. It might seem like a lot but it was honestly fine to set up.

Would I Recommend Bluebell?

As I have said, I haven’t used it on my baby yet, as he isn’t set to arrive until just before Christmas. However, with this being my third baby, I do know the kinds of things that you can be stressed about and worry about, and Bluebell covers it all. From playing white noise and having a nightlight on the hub to having an app that can alert me if a baby has rolled over, I know it will give me such peace of mind.

The Bluebell monitor doesn’t come cheap, it has to be said. But you do need to look at the kind of tech you are looking at. Not to mention that you can also get different variations for cheaper prices, such as just the baby sensor and the hub, with the wristwatch and camera being additional extras. The camera, for example, that I have set up, is really good quality compared to baby monitors that I have used in the past. If you want to give the monitor a try, then you can try it for free for 45 days, so that can be a good way to see if you like it and enjoy all of the features. They do also offer free delivery and free returns.

All in all, I am very impressed with it and can’t wait to use it with my little one. Having two older children to take care of at the same time, I know this will be really useful to track how things are going and keep an eye on him, as life doesn’t stop for them and things will be busy.

Bluebell Disclaimer

Of course, it is important to note that Bluebell is not a medical device and isn’t meant to be used instead of medical advice. The monitor itself is meant to be used to help new parents in being able to track the well-being of your baby, but shouldn’t be used as a ‘babysitter.’ 

Have you ever heard of the Bluebell Baby Monitor before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*This is a collaborative post, but all words and opinions are my own.

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