3 Ways Of Preparing Your Home For The Winter

The winter is rapidly approaching us and while we’re all still enjoying the final days of the year where the sun makes an appearance, it will soon be time to dig out that winter coat and begin embracing the winter time. One thing we should also be thinking about, is giving our homes a bit of tlc ready for the winter so that we can enjoy being inside. Here’s how you can prepare your home for the winter.


Bleed radiators

One thing you might not have thought of doing is to bleed your radiators. If you’re a homeowner, then it might be worth your time to undertake this task to increase energy efficiency of your radiators when you come to use them. You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional to do the work for you thanks to the array of tutorials on the internet these days, but if you’re not confident doing the job yourself it might be a good idea looking into seeking professional help. Doing this will improve how your radiators work, and even save you money in the long run.

Remove clutter

Many people choose to do a large clean in the new year, and it’s often called a spring clean. While this is a good idea, removing unwanted things from inside and outside of your home will make space for your christmas decorations, without leaving your home looking cluttered and untidy. You could get rid of any waste using a dirt cheap rubbish removal, so that you can relax during the winter season and enjoy the festivities. Another bonus of getting rid of any junk is that when it comes to the time where you want to do a spring clean, you won’t have much of a job to do.

Boxing belongings that you want to keep and putting them in your loft is also another great way of de-cluttering your home so that it feels more spacious and clean.

Buy draught excluders

Ideally if your windows or doors are letting draughts through, you would replace them. However, with the festivities coming up, it’s understandable that you’re going to be more strapped for cash than normal. A great way of solving a draught problem is to buy draught excluders. You can buy them for the bottom of your doors to help keep the heat in and the cold out, and you can also buy foam based window draught excluders that will help solve your problem for the time being.

Another good idea is to buy yourself some thicker curtains to put up during the winter time which will also help keep you warm and toasty.

Following these three steps will have your home winter ready, so that you can concentrate on enjoying the festivities with loved ones. Remember, make your life easier in the long run by doing the hard work now! Enjoy your cleaner home and have an amazing winter!

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