Preparing Your Home for Summer

The kitchen can get very warm during summer, especially if you plan on cooking in there a lot. It’s a room we all like to spend a lot of time in, whether we’re working, socialising, or eating. So, how can we make it more suitable for summer? Read on to find out!

~ Paint It

Why not paint your kitchen to freshen it up? Some people add a fresh coat the same colour as before, but this is boring! Paint it a new colour to make it more summery and fresh feeling. Blue, green, and yellow can all be nice colours to include in the kitchen. However, some people prefer neutral colours. Try to stick to something cool so that it doesn’t feel too ‘warm’ during the summer heat. Painting your kitchen is a really simple way to increase the value of it too, so remember that if you’re thinking of selling!

~ Getting Organised

There’s nothing worse than an unorganized kitchen during summer, so make it your goal to get organized. Get rid of things you don’t use or want, and really tidy up to make some space. The more organized you can get, the better! Try not to hoard things you never use. Give things to charity if that makes you feel better.

~ Change Your Window Treatments

Changing up your window treatments will help you to regulate the room temperature much better, and change the look of your kitchen to boot. Places like Yes Blinds can give you advice on window treatments if you’re unsure of what to go for.

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~ Protect from Bugs

As it gets so hot during summer, we leave windows and doors open a lot. This means we need to protect from ants and other creepy crawlies inviting themselves into the home. White wine vinegar rubbed around the frames of windows and doors can deter them, but there are many other home recipes you can use too.

~ Update Your Utensils

Old utensils can ruin the look of a summer kitchen, so consider treating yourself to some updates if you’ve had them for a while. A new chopping board and some cutlery can be all you need to make it look brand new and brighten the place up. It depends on your budget and how old your current utensils are!

~ Add Life

Summer calls for life, so add it to your kitchen by using flowers and fruit. I love using colourful flowers and fruit to brighten the place up and add life. It’s a good excuse to invest in a pretty vase/bowl set too. You can even go for fake stuff if you’re worried about replacing it all the time.

Don’t leave your kitchen stuck back in winter. Use these tips to bring it up to date and make it feel much more summery! You’ll love spending time in there and having guests over once you’ve used these tips. Leave a comment if you have any ideas of your own to share.

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