Feng Shui Your Way To A More Productive Office Space

Whether you work from an office at home, or work at a corporate office, there are several principles to having a more productive work day. Some of them are what you do to focus each day. Some of them are the environment that you work in. The principles work for whatever office space and when followed, can improve the quality of your work day. Curious to know how you could improve things during your working day? Here’s how feng shui can help you to be more productive at work.


Clear Clutter

Clutter can drive the messiest of us insane! So how are you expected to get things filed and organised, if there is clutter and mess everywhere? Clutter has such a big impact on our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. When you clear away the clutter in an office, you help to bring in important energy. This will help you to clear your mind, have greater focus and hopefully, be inspired.

Choose Appropriate Colours

The colours that we have in our home and in our office, can greatly affect our moods. The colours that you should avoid are ones that are too garish for an office. Think reds, bright orange and purples. The colours that are best for a feng shui office are pastel yellow, pale gold, pale orange, green, and aquamarine blue and greens. These colours help to increase mental clarity and focus, especially when they are mixed with white.

If you don’t think that you have an office space that is working for you, then you might consider a refit. Undertaking an office revamp or fit-out is a bit of a big deal; whether you are using an office at home or at a business office. So if you did need some help with it, somewhere like Office Principles could help. A great workplace is one that mirrors your business, so you want to get the design just right.

Think About Art and Pictures

Having bare walls in a home is pretty uninspiring. So it has the same effect for walls in an office. It is important to help keep yourself inspired with objects and images that help you to be creative and inspired. The best kinds of art of pictures to have around the office, are things that motivate you. Think about mottos or quotes that are inline with your business and what you want to achieve. Looking up and seeing something can set a reminder for you to push on a bit more, or get something done a little sooner. Flowers are great to have around the office too. Fresh flowers make such a difference to the feel of a room.

Are there any suggestions that you would add to making your office space somewhere that helps you be more productive?


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