Pros and Cons of Having a Mattress During Family Camping

Did you take your family on a camping trip during the festive holiday? Well, if you did, then I’m sure you had some fun, right? Well, I had the chance of going for one of the best hill climbing experiences. However, before we went on the adventure, we had to carry some essential equipment.

Today, I would like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of carrying a camping mattress. With the help of reviews from, I found that it’s advisable to take a cozy air bed. These mattresses come in different sizes and help you to enjoy comfortable sleep even in the ‘wild.’ Here, I’ll show you all you’ll need to know about them including their pros and cons.

Here are The Pros

I enjoyed these beds because they allow you to adjust their firmness. I’ve had a terrible history of back problems, so I prefer a firmer kind of mattress. However, I noticed that my kids prefer soft beds which made the mattress more convenient.

I also loved that most of these beds have fixed air pumps and you’ll only need to adjust the mattress with a single touch of a button. A majority of full-size or broader air mattresses have dual chambers. What does this mean? Well, here, if you’re sleeping with your partner, both of you will have a perfect balance of individual firmness.

Maybe the best advantage I found is their ability to last for an extended period as compared to innerspring mattresses. They even outlast their pumps, but luckily, you can replace it at an affordable cost. It also prevents your mattress from sagging, breaking down spring or foam bed after some time. The good thing is that you can quickly fix the pump by just increasing the air in the mattress. Lastly, the perfect camping bed is made using odor-free materials that are cheaper than foam or spring mattresses.

Now for the Cons

I’ll start off by reminding you that almost everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. So, if you buy an air mattress for a camping trip, you should take note of some of its discouraging features. In our camping trip last year, I noticed a couple of these factors.

One night, the pump in one of my son’s mattress broke down and had to be replaced. However, because we were so deep in the ‘jungle,’ we couldn’t go for another one. Fortunately, we knew our warranty would cover the cost of replacement. But don’t you think that we would have spent a lot of money if our warranty had expired?

I would advise you to get an external mattress pump, preferably that which you can replace at low cost. You’ll only need to visit the right retail store or go online. Another disadvantage is that if you buy a camping bed that requires a lot of assembling; you’ll take a good chunk of time just to fix it together. Lastly, I should also point out that such a mattress will lose air during the night to prevent it from bursting. Of course, this destroys your preferred level of firmness, and you might wake up in the middle of the night to adjust it.

Even though we came across challenges in our sleep camping experience, we still enjoyed our time out in the ‘wild.’ So, I would like to conclude by reminding you that getting a good air mattress gives you the comfort and rest that you need after a long day of climbing hills, and moving past huge rocks. So, I hope that you’ll use this information to kick-start your camping adventures this year!

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