Proven Methods To Accelerate Healing After Surgery

Surgical procedures are often necessary. However, they are also traumatic. Cutting into the body causes injury and makes the immune system go into overdrive. Swelling, redness, soreness, and pain can be intense. 

The good news is that there are several proven methods to accelerate healing after surgery. Here’s what you need to know: 

Give Your Body The Right Foods

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Giving your body the right food after surgery is essential to ensure that the healing process can take place. Make sure that you give it plenty of protein sources, such as chicken, eggs, and tofu. Include more fish in your diet that contain the essential nutrient, B12, to increase blood flow to new cells. 

At the same time, make sure that you are also getting enough fibre. A healthy gut microbiome will accelerate healing and provide your body with additional nutrients. 

Start Moving As Soon As You Can

While doctors may recommend bed rest for the first few days after surgery, most will ask you to get moving as quickly as possible afterward. That’s because lying down and doing nothing for a week can actually interrupt healing. Lack of activity reduces blood flow, leading to slower repair. 

When you are ready, start moving again. If you need the help of a physiotherapist, then use one. Getting out of bed reduces the likelihood of both blood clots and pneumonia. 

Make Sure That You Get Proper Wound Care

Proper wound care is essential for ensuring that healing goes to plan after surgery. If dressings aren’t changed regularly, it can lead to itching and infection. Therefore, stay in touch with your doctor to ensure proper wound care for around two weeks to a month after the operation. You can also use oil for scars if you are worried about how your wounds will look long term. Oil penetrates scar tissues, reducing discomfort and improving repair. 

Allow Yourself To Rest

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Life can be intense sometimes. Many of us feel like we need to be on the go all the time. However, that’s not how nature works. Our bodies need time to heal, particularly after surgery. Trying to get straight back into work isn’t a great strategy. 

Therefore, give yourself permission to rest. Avoid any activities, including work, that could produce psychological stress. Be kind to yourself. 

Stay Well Hydrated

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While it might sound obvious, staying hydrated is another excellent way to assist the healing process. Drinking plenty of mineral water helps to transport nutrients to healing sites and enables your body to function better.

You can also explore eating more high water content foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Mangoes and watermelons, for instance, are both naturally hydrating, and good for your body, too. 

Don’t Put Strain On Injury Sites

Lastly, try to avoid putting too much strain on incision sites and areas affected by surgery. Putting them under too much tension can cause post-operative damage, slowing down healing and leading to complications.

If you want to move more, ask your doctor what type of exercise would be best. Try to avoid strenuous activity that could cause stitches to break.

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