What Should You Look for In Quality Earrings?

All of us are required to make a ton of decisions on a daily basis. Whether it’s deciding where to take your family on vacation, which site to play starburst slots on or choosing the perfect pair of earrings for your spouse.

We’re all capable of making these choices on our own but it never hurts to receive a little advice from an expert.

Someone who knows a lot about what you’re trying to decide.

A well-informed decision is the best kind you can make and that’s our goal for today’s article. We’ll share everything we know on what to look for when purchasing quality earrings.

When it comes to buying earrings online (or offline), it’s common to face an overwhelming number of choices regarding quality, pricing, and styles.

Also, with online purchases, we don’t get to physically handle the item before we buy it. So how do you get it right the first time?

Don’t worry, leave it to us to fill you in on all the details. Let’s begin.

Know your limit

Quality earrings can run you anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

WikiHow.com suggests that before purchasing quality earrings (like diamond studs), set a budget because It’s easy to forget about cost when you’re distracted by the beautiful shiny objects.

Don’t get sucked in by deals. Cheap earrings can be low-quality or even worse — fake.

Gotta have trust

We’re prone to buy things from people we know like and trust.

If we don’t think a person has our best interest, well…good luck trying to get us to hand over our hard-earned money. So how can you be sure a seller is trustworthy?

Do your homework and research the seller before making a purchase. The online seller (or venue) should already be established for many years and should have a good relationship with their previous customers.

Keep an eye out for testimonials from customers, or scroll down to the bottom of their webpage to see what type of media the company has been featured in — for example, Financial Times, BBC or CNN.

You should be able to get in touch with the seller directly regarding any concerns or questions you may have.

Guaranteed return policy

If your new earrings don’t live up to the quality shown in the description, the seller should have no problem giving you a full refund.

In fact, it should be guaranteed. If the seller declines your request for a refund, that’s a HUGE red flag that they don’t believe in their product.

Images, Images, Images

The more photos of the earrings you’re looking to buy, the better!

When buying quality earrings online, you’re not able to handle the actual item like you would in a physical store.

This is why it’s so important for the seller to provide pictures of the item from all angles — (back, front, right, left, outside, inside), revealing any imperfections or damage ( bent prongs, scratched stones, worn shanks), and highlighting any notable details (unique design features, fineness or maker’s marks, artist signatures).

When is buying jewelry online not a good idea?

Simple, when you buy on impulse without doing your homework. Purchasing quality earrings online is great if you have taken advantage of all the tools provided to you – images of the piece worn, condition reports and the expertise of the specialist, so your purchase is educated. The nice thing is buying online makes the whole world of jewelry available to you no matter where you live.

The big picture

When buying quality earrings online, extensive and detailed images, authentication, a guaranteed return policy, research and more research are imperative for a great shopping experience.

Do you completely trust the seller? Will they give a refund? Are there clear pictures from all angles? Did you do your homework and research the seller/company? If you answered “yes,” to everything, I think it’s safe to click “Add to Cart” with confidence.

Now all you need to choose is an outfit to go with those brand new earrings. But guess what? We got that covered for you too 🙂

As we mentioned before, A well-informed decision is the best kind you can make. We hope we’ve given you enough knowledge to make the right choice. Good luck!

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