4 Terrific Features of a Quality and Kid-Friendly Garden

A garden can be a quiet, beautiful and fragile place for reflection and relaxation. But if there are kids in the household, some changes have to be made if it is going to withstand their energy. Building a garden for your family is a great way to give them a place to play outdoors and connect with nature, but there are some things the garden needs to pull this off. Check out these features you can add to your garden to make it more accommodating for your family.

A Play Area

An area for kids to play on isn’t just an empty plot of land. You need a tough surface that can take a lot of punishment and is preferably rectangular, for sports and games. You can plant tough grass or even lay down purpose made wood chips for a high traffic space, so you won’t end up filling in divots or replanting every other month.

A Garden Chest

Playing outdoors means toys, balls and equipment. You don’t want these things cluttering up your yard, and you don’t want them tracking dirt into the house. The solution? A garden chest. This outdoor container can store all your outdoor things and make them easily accessible. They can even lock to keep your property safe. They can be made of wood or durable synthetic material.

Nature Attractors

You can bring nature to your kids by installing fixtures to attract benign wildlife. By installing outdoor water features for instance, you will attract all sorts of creatures looking to play, clean or drink. Birdfeeders are also an excellent way to bring in little visitors for your children to observe. Fragrant flowers can attract interesting bugs and other little critters. Depending on the size of your garden or your geographical location, you can draw more exotic animals with a bat house or small pond. Just remember to do your homework on local wildlife to keep kids safe.

Specialised Spaces for Kids

With the right tools, you can divide up the garden into spaces, even small ones, with specific purposes to maximise utility. Build a sand pit nook with some simple barriers. Plant shrubs to make a secluded “den” or cranny in which adults are “not allowed.” Get creative and change your garden from a bland directionless space to a theme park of activities.

Safety First

The most important feature of a kid-friendly garden is safety. Avoid thorny bushes or plants with sharp leaves like bamboo. Just remember, teaching your kids about staying safe outdoors will go a lot farther than installing a bunch of safety features.

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