Quarantine Self-Care Tips

It’s no secret that at this surreal time in our lives, people all over the world are stressed and worried for an array of valid reasons. Despite this natural anxiety, there is much joy and compassion that has come from the bonds of mutual feeling. The world is hurting, grieving and healing together.

Through all of this, people have been turning to simple things to give them moments of pleasure and happiness. People are embracing nature on their daily walks, trying new recipes and making the most of family time. Many are exercising in new and innovative ways, gardening for hours on end and embarking on renovation projects that they never had time to tackle before lockdown. 

We are clapping and rainbow spotting but we’re also deeply missing family and friends. What else can we do to show our loved ones how much we care about them from afar? What can we do to make ourselves feel less stressed and more human? 

If you’re thinking of surprising someone special or you need a pick me up yourself, check out this gift guide for inspiration: 


It may be an obvious choice but flowers are always a welcome gift! While the sun is shining why not bring the outside in with a joyous bouquet? Alternatively, you could consider a beautiful plant for your loved ones garden. Florists will deliver to the door, hassle free and will guarantee a smile from the recipient.


Shopping for friends can actually be really tricky! It’s difficult to find a present that the receiver is going to use regularly or is something they would buy or wear themselves- rather than just to please you. If you have a friend that you’ve known for years or a relative that you’re very close to, Chapelle jewellery could be a winner. You’ll have a good enough insight into their style to make the right judgement call: whether they wear a watch daily, if they’re a ring person; if they’d wear coloured gemstones and if they have bold or subtle taste. Jewellery is sentimental and special; it really does say ‘I love you’. 

Garden Toys

There are plenty of struggling parents out there having to navigate between homeschooling, working from home and everything in between. Both parents and children are longing for their friends and family. If you’re a Grandparent looking for a way to support your littlest loves, why not send them a lockdown treat to let them know you’re thinking of them? A new scooter, a wendy house or a mud kitchen would go down a treat – but It doesn’t even have to be as extravagant as that; some crafts, chalks or bubbles will keep those little people busy and save the parents!


Books make for the perfect lockdown gift as they provide such a vital method of escapism during this monotonous routine. Sending a book as a present can be hard to get right, so think about what your loved one is into, their hobbies and interests. Be sure to treat yourself to a new read, too.

Spa day

So, you have probably been in loungewear for weeks and it’s more than likely that you’ve not taken time to wash your hair or shave your legs! The spa may feel a million miles away but why not bring it home and give yourself some self care by ordering a face mask or two? A few luxurious pampering products will give you a little happy post and an excuse for a luxurious, revitalizing bubble bath. So what if nobody is going to see your glowing skin – doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it for yourself. 

Sweet treats

If there’s someone you are thinking of but don’t know them quite as well, a good option is something sweet! Everyone likes sweet treats, and if they don’t, you should unfriend them! Maybe you have a cousin who’s celebrating a birthday or baby shower that you can no longer attend – send a cake to show that you’re celebrating from afar.

Most importantly of all, stay in touch. Call your loved ones regularly and let them know that you’re thinking of them. If you want to go one step further, spread joy with one or more of these little doses of happiness!

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