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I am getting to the point with Max where I need to be thinking about potty training and one thing that immediately springs to mind with potty training, is a reward chart. I was lucky to be sent a chart from Radical Reward Charts to review as those ‘thoughts’ are firmly under-way and I think that reward charts are a great idea.

One great thing about the charts is that you can personalise the chart for your child. You can see from the pictures that I had the carrot counter that you move to each space, but you can upload a picture of your child so that they can see themselves on the reward chart and moving up to the top. I think this is a fab feature.

There are various chart styles and you can find them on their website www.radicalrewardcharts.com featuring underwater ones, creepy crawlies, animals and flowers. The charts are all listed as for ages 2-6 years but I think that there should be perhaps 2-3 and then 4-6 (or thereabouts) as I thought that the design of the charts wasn’t quite bright or colourful enough for the littlest ones. Max liked the bright, cartoony carrot character but the other animals on the chart were a bit ‘grown up’ for a nearly two year old. I sent this up to my 2.5 year old nephew to try, who is potty training, and they gave the same feedback. The design is better for older children but not as engaging for the younger ones.

Both Max and my nephew loved touching and looking at the chart and wanting to move the counter to each spot. This definitely shows that they love reward charts and they do work and keep the child focused and engaged.

The charts retail at £14, including postage and packing and a personalised figure, which I think is quite steep. I know I could probably make my own personalised chart and figure for cheaper than that. I think they need to be half the price really, in order to justify the purchase. The charts do come with an instructions and guidance leaflet though which I did find useful. It gives advice such as not using the chart for bad behaviour i.e don’t move the child down a spot if they are naughty. Things like that I hadn’t really thought about before.

I think reward charts are a great idea and if you can afford it then I would recommend using Radical Reward Charts, particularly if your child is a bit older than 2 or 3.

* I received no payment for this post but I did receive a free Reward Chart for review purposes. All opinions and words are my own.

Rebecca x

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