Rainy Day Play

I know we have been having lots of lovely warm weather recently and have been making the most of out in the garden or at the park. But, this is England and we know sunshine and warm temperatures isn’t guaranteed all summer long.

I thought I’d share some things that the toddler enjoys to do when we have a rainy day and stay indoors.

– Car Wash

We have a mostly carpeted house so this has to either be in the bathroom or kitchen, but we get a big bowl and fill with some soapy warm water and he does a car wash for his cars and trains. He has so many of them it keeps him entertained for a while and really enjoys it. He is finally learning to keep most of the water in the bowl now too which always helps! Depending on your children you could be washing dolls hair instead or getting the bath toys out to play with the boats or ducks.

– Art Time

One thing that Max really enjoys is tracing around his hands and feet and then colouring them in. We have even once used an old roll of wallpaper to draw around his whole body – he loved it! I’m a bit nervous of colouring in with paints and glitter but crayons and felt-tips work great and he enjoys naming all of the colours.

– Tablet Time

I know this one may be a little controversial as not everyone approves of tablets / technology for younger children, bit I think if it’s controlled it’s totally fine. Max enjoys the iPad and it really helps him use his mind. He has learnt so much from the apps we have and from certain channels on YouTube. Obviously just set a limit to the amount of time they can use it for. If it’s a staying-in day, he may have a little tablet time after a nap (or as ‘quiet time’ when he refuses to take a nap).

– Crafts

Now, forget about Mister Maker and his air-drying clay and just look in your recycling box for things you can use to make a creative ‘masterpiece’. Old cereal boxes, loo rolls, envelopes… Then grab some tape of glue and away you go. We have made little birds before using card and some old feathers but a robot or castle could easily be made. If you have a huge cardboard box, you could make it into a car and attach some string and pull them around in it – brilliant!



– Races

This can be any sort of ‘race’. Max and I will see who can got to a certain room the fastest but then we may do one where we see who can walk the quietest or silliest. It’s so funny to see the expressions he does when he is trying to be sneaky and quiet. It’s not something that will take ages but its active and fun and great bonding time with your children.

– Cleaning & Chores

Anything to get them working hard and clearing mess instead of creating mess haha! I do have a bit of OCD but think that you can make cleaning into a game. They have to sweep all the crumbs onto a certain tile or perhaps see how fast they can tidy away 10 of their toys whilst you count the seconds. Max likes to help match the socks when I’m folding away laundry and help load the washing and press the buttons. It’s only silly small things but it gets him involved and makes him aware of the things that Mummy does around the house.

What are some of the things you like to do on a rainy day? If all else fails you can always just go for a muddy-puddle walk with your wellies on!

Rebecca x

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  • popping over from the new #weeklylinky and thanks so much for joining in 🙂 some great tips, I always get stuck for rainy day ideas – we usually end up with movies! So will be sure to remember these 🙂 We have the controversial tablet time too, but there is some really good educational games on there so it does no harm every now and then! mummy bloggers team x