Raising Money For My Son’s School: How Is It Going?

You may have seen a post on my site a few weeks ago about raising money for my son’s school, using the online site EasyFundraising. Having joined the PTA when he started school a year ago, I have been to keen to lend a hand and help in any way I can. It is a small village school so every little bit helps.

This weekend had just seen our school’s Christmas Fayre, which is always a big fundraiser for the school. However, this kind of thing can’t happen every month. So what are some simpler ways of raising money for the PTA (or any charity of your choice for that matter)? EasyFundraising is really easy to use, and just as it describes, it makes fundraising easy. So if you want to have something in the background ticking away to raise funds, then this could be the best thing for you and you school or charity.

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How Has It Been Going?

Since signing up two months ago, I have been able to raise nearly £50 so far, all from doing things that I normally do any way. And with some more Christmas presents and for left to buy, it can only go up and up. Just imagine if every parent in the school could raise £50 every couple of months for the school? It makes it possible to get some of the smaller things that they need and have on their wish list, such as craft items, kinetic sand, and outdoor mirrors for the key stage 1 area.

The great thing is that my latest donation shown here, for £2, was for referring a friend to sign up to the cause. So you can literally get free money for your school! I don’t know why I was never using this earlier. I use it on my laptop and have a donation reminder downloaded for my web browser, but I know some parents at the school that use the app, and find that quick and simple to use too.

However, it hasn’t been such a smooth ride.Even though you can get these free donations for the school through referrals, there are still people that don’t sign up. So if you’re looking to do this in your school, it can be a good idea to do a physical demonstration of it to get people signed up there and then. Many people I have been speaking to are using it when they shop but some do tell me that they forget. So if you’re signed up but just forget when you shop online, then I would recommend downloading the browser extension for your computer, so that it always reminds you if you’re on a retailer that does make the donations. That has been the best way for me, for sure. Posters around school have helped to a certain extent. But talking face-to-face has been the best thing for getting the parents at school engaged and shopping!


If you’re a member of your school’s PTA looking for a few more ways to fundraise, then you could always:

  • Arrange a non-uniform day with the school. Students are always happy with this and even a £1 donation each can make a difference.
  • Organise a bring and buy sale at the school. A good way to clear out the loft of old baby things or toys, as well as donate money to the school.
  • A quiz night for parents can be a fun way to get them involved. A team entry fee and a bar is always a winner for making quite a bit of cash!
  • Getting the children involved with a bit of fun like ‘guess how many sweets in a jar’ kind of thing can work well. When they get a prize if they win, it is sure to get a few people paying to enter.

Have you ever done any of this things before? They are good for an injection of cash. But as I have said, I think easyfundraising works well to have in the background raising money (though some promotion of it at the school from time to time will be a good reminder for people that are yet to sign up).

If you have a school that wants to raise funds, then easyfundraising is a great idea to get signed up with. You can also select any charities of choice that are on there, if you want to do a good deed without it having to cost you anything extra. I think it is a great site to be using, it is simple and easy, and the best thing is, you don’t have to do anything that you aren’t already doing. It can be hard to ask parents to keep reaching into their pockets all of the time, which is often what school fundraisers are. So this is a great way for parents that can’t always contribute to donate, without them having to spend anything that they wouldn’t be anyway.

Have you heard of easyfundraising before? Would love to hear what you think.

Rebecca x*post in collaboration. All opinions are my own.

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