Caring For Your Garden in Winter and Rattan Direct Garden Plant Pots Review

This time of year does seem like a little bit of an unusual time of year to be thinking about your garden. But as I have been learning, the garden never sleeps. And even though this time of year isn’t a busy time, there are things that you should be doing (as well as things that you shouldn’t). Then when spring rolls around the garden will be in tip top shape for the time when everything starts to bloom again.

Here are some things that you can do in your garden over winter:

  • One thing that you can do is to move containers of shrubs or bedding plants to a sheltered spot; clustering them together helps to protect the roots from getting damaged by frost.
  • Check that any climbers are attached with plant ties to their supports, so they are strong over winter.
  • If it’s a mild winter, continue to cut the lawn if it’s growing, but raise the height of the mower blades.
  • Avoid walking on your lawn when it is covered by heavy frost or snow. Doing so will damage the grass underneath.

I have been a bit rubbish with planting anything. We have a strawberry patch and that is about it. In the summer I planted a few other vegetables but other ever came from them (though we did get a couple of thin spring onions). What I realise we need is lots of space to start them off with. The same would go for flowers; they need plenty of room to grow properly. So some large plant pots are a must, right?


We have just been using the old ones that were left behind when we moved into out house. So suffice to say, they are not very glam and loo a bit naff. So we were recently sent a rattan plant pot set from Rattan Direct. So I’m hoping I can get the garden looking more stylish and get planting again, ready for the spring. The plant pots come as a set of three, with a small (W30cm x D30cm x H45cm), medium (W35cm x D35cm x H55cm) and large sized planters (W41cm x D41cm x H90cm).


I loved that the planters come already assembled. They stack into each other so they are easy to set up and get using right away. They come with a metal frame inside that sits about half way up. A removable plant pot sits on that frame, so the whole length of the plant pot isn’t the planter, if that makes sense? I was thinking that the large one would take a lot of earth to fill it all up. But you don’t fill the whole thing. I have seen some where you do fill the whole pot so I think that this is a great feature.



As you can see from my photographs, I (unfortunately) had chosen a wet day to be out taking pictures. Not a problem for the planters, though, as they are are fine with water. It just wipes off and doesn’t damage them – perfect for the garden, of course. The material (a resin weave) also means that the planters don’t fade in colour when it is sunny, which can often happen with garden furniture. So that is a really good plus. I also like that there are handles on either side of the planter. Not only does it look quite stylish I think, but it is obviously helpful when they are filled with earth.


If you are thinking of buying these for the spring, then I think they are a great buy. They are stylish, and will improve the look of the garden no end. It would look good having them in different parts of the garden too and by the front door, for example, too. Plus, the plant pot set comes with the benefit of a 5 year structural warranty. So if there are any issues, then you are covered for quite a while. I’d love to know what you think!


*the plant pots were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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