5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready For Spring

I don’t know about you but over winter, our home gets a little neglected. It just seems like the season to relax and chill out. Plus half of December we aren’t even at home, traveling to visit family for Christmas. Now it has got even colder, I’m even more reluctant to anything major on the home (particularly on the outside). Netflix and a blanket just sounds so much more appealing…

Spring isn’t far away now though and I for one am looking forward to it. Not to wish away time or anything but it is my favourite season in England. Here are some things to think about getting sorted for spring:


  • The Exterior

The outside definitely gets a bit of a battering over the winter. There is more mould because it is more damp and just generally seems to be more dirt too. A good thing to do is to have a walk around outside and see what the main problems are.  You might need to replace or repair guttering, or perhaps roof tiles. The outside of our house is white so I think it will mainly just need a good jet wash.

  • The Garden

It will generally be too early to get planting new shrubs and flowers. I know our lawn could do with getting cut and a general weed. It just grows and grows when you aren’t taking as much care of it as we do over summer. It is just finding a dry enough day to do it. One to add to the to-do list. Something you could look at getting sooner rather than later, is some new outdoor furniture tables and chairs. Then when you’ve got some sunshine you are all ready to sit or eat outside and enjoy.

  • Get Some New Bedding

I think it makes your bedroom so much cosier when you have some new bedding to enjoy. Fresh Egyptian cotton sheets are just the best. Granted that feeling doesn’t last for too long but its nice while it does! You might be using a thick duvet for winter so it could be worth getting a new, lower tog one for spring. If you have had your mattress for a while it could be worth getting a new fresh one ready for spring. You can buy mattresses online now too, if you are snowed in or don’t want to go out in the cold. I basically buy everything, ever, online!


  • Clean the Carpets

I now know why everyone said we shouldn’t have got cream carpets in our house. It was before we had children and we just didn’t understand haha. There is generally a lot more mud and dirt trampled in with the wetter weather so they will need a good spring clean. Do you have carpets or wooden floors? I’m thinking we will need wooden floors soon enough.

  • Sort Your Cleaning Products

I guess it is because of the term ‘spring clean’ that you will just have a big sort and clean. To do so, you need to make sure you have get everything you need in the house. I quite like to clean with essential oils to make it less toxic. They smell divine too. Have you used essential oils before?

What do you think you’ll tackle first this spring? C’mon sunshine!



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