Top Five Reasons to Visit Ecuador with Your Family

Most family-fun trips today involve either a trip through the UK or a trek across the channel to Europe. If you really want to teach your children about the world and make unforgettable memories as a family, however, you need to go further. Ecuador, for example, is a great destination to visit with your family, especially if your children are in their teens. There is so much to do, see, and explore in Ecuador that you will be spoilt for choice:

It is the Most Budget-Friendly 

The Amazon is one of the world’s most diverse and significant ecosystems. Over 10% of the world’s wildlife lives in the Amazon, and a new species is discovered there on average every three days. The Amazon also produces a fifth of the world’s oxygen. Combined, it is not just a beautiful place to behold; it is critical to our survival. Visiting the Amazon is a great way to learn about it and really understand how important and beautiful this jungle is, and, in Ecuador, you can enjoy it for less than other South American countries.

You Can Enjoy Some Seriously Incredible Treks Together 

Going on a hike is one thing, going on a trek is another. Not only can you enjoy the experience of a trek with your family, but you can also enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. There are a variety of Ecuador trekking tours to choose from. Your trip can last from 5 days to 2 weeks, and on it, you can enjoy the best sights of the Andes, including Cayambe, which is the closest point on Earth to the sun. As these hikes will require you to acclimatise, it is best to do these tours when your children are older.

Pick Up Unique Souvenirs from South America’s Largest Market 

South America’s largest market lies within Ecuador, making it the perfect place to pick up your souvenirs and support the local economy. Otavalo Market is a marvel to behold and great fun for the whole family, just remember to be careful of your belongings (as you should be anywhere) and enjoy the many different wares and items for sale.

You Can Enjoy the Galapagos Islands Together 

Galapagos Islands are infamous in history because they were where the theory of evolution came into fruition by Charles Darwin. Today they are a UNESCO world heritage site, and an absolute marvel to behold. The Galapagos Islands are protected, so you will likely have to get a tour to visit and enjoy them.

Enjoy Adventure Activates in Baños 

Baños is known for its natural hot springs, but that isn’t the only attraction this area has. Perfect for any adventure holiday, Baños is home to many fun sports and activities to keep you and your kids busy and active.

Ecuador is a small country that packs a lot of punch, making it a great place to visit. You can enjoy a variety of different experiences and sights together as a family, allowing everyone to enjoy, learn, and bond.

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