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I was, as I often am, late to the party with getting a Twitter account. I had heard about it for years and it wasn’t until I started my blog that I discovered how invaluable Twitter can be – I use it daily now! However, I find a lot of my family and friends don’t use it or don’t even have an account. Perhaps it is because they understand it or get what it is all about but I’ve got some reasons why everyone should have an account.

Totally had my tweet favourite by Charlie Simpson (teenage me loves you Charlie) 😉
  1. You Can Stalk People (in a non-creepy way). It is such a great way to interact with people and meet new and interesting people.You can follow people like your favourite celebrities and see what they are up to or the random thoughts they share or just the normal people you have in your life. It is quite exciting when your favourite celebrity responds to you too (there was that one time Oscar Pistorius messaged me shortly after the Olympics. Awkward). Just don’t become one of the creepy ones begging them daily, to follow you back.
  2. Customer Service. Not happy with a product or service? Tweet the brand or company. Every time I have done this, without fail, I have had a response and the problem has been resolved and sorted. Much quicker than it would be if I sent an email or called up a helpline.
  3. Win Stuff. There are lots of chances to enter competitions on Twitter. Whether that is other blogger competitions or brands taking part in things like #FreebieFriday. I just retweeted a tweet once and then I won tickets to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in the West End. Pretty sweet.
  4. You Get the News First. As Twitter is ‘open’ all the time, rather than news on TV and radio is only at set times, you get all the news as it happens. The amount of times I have checked Twitter on my phone and seen what is trending to see that someone has passed away, way before it is announced anywhere else, or hear about current affairs way before it is talked about on that evening’s news. This is one of my favourite things about it.
  5. Read People’s Opinions. If you are watching something like BBC Question Time or even The X-Factor, you can search those words, or search a hashtag for whatever it is, and you can then read what other people are thinking about the topic or programme. You can retweet if you want to or start a bit of debate / banter. I quite often just search on things and it is funny to see what other people are tweeting about it.
  6. Creativity. You can start a Twitter account as yourself or for a small business. You could even start a parody account or a funny one-liner account (Very British Problems is one of my faves). You can be completely anonymous if you want to be so get creative.
  7. Twitter Chats. As a blogger, I know there are lots of blogging related Twitter chats but I know there are also ones for brands and companies to interact and share with each other, so I’m sure there are all kinds of them. Plus, if you get a bit of a following, you could even create your own (see point 6, being creative)!

Do you have a Twitter account? If not, get on it! 😉

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  • I have just started out with twitter – 8 days in – and I have fallen in love with it ore than I thought I would. I have had chats with people all over the world and found people with the same interests. Just a few days ago, I chatted to an author i really like. Couldn’t do that without twitter.

  • I never had a twitter account until i started blogging less then a year ago. I am now a total Twitter addict and it is my social media channel of choice. Totally agree about tweeting company’s you have a problem with as whenever i have done that i also got the problem sorted out straight away x #TheList

  • Great set of reasons! I don’t think I use twitter to it’s full potential (as you’ve listed a few things I don’t use it for!!) but it does have a special place in my heart 🙂

    Thanks for linking up love! xx #Thelist