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Don’t you just love 3D glasses?!?! lol this was waiting for Alice in Wonderland to start- weird film but I love Johnny Depp!

Thought I would just update with some things that have happened recently… I turned 23- I am strating to feel old now- if you round that age up that it is 25 hahah! But had a great day with Mike shopping and being treated to dinner in Guildford. I got a new black Wii from my parents which we both love and have been playing on constantly! I got some shopping vouchers from Mike’s family which were just what I needed and have been able to buy some lovely new things with them so thank you! My sisters treated me well with a cardi, waistcoat jacket, mascara and a dead posh pashmina from David and Gemma, that they bought while they were away in Italy. Mike got me a watch and some Hotel Chocolat treats- I had a great birthday-I felt so loved.

Mum, Dad and Meg came to see me 2 days before my birthday, on their way home from visiting Emma and Mark in Austria. Was lovely to spend time with them and they were the first ‘dinner guests’ that we have had round in our flat. We got the fancy glasses out and everything haha. We went to the Epsom Downs and had a bit of a walk near the racecourse and went to Painshill Park in Cobham. I miss spending time with them all and the time we do have just goes by too fast!

Mike and I have had a couple of trips to the O2 arena in London; one for the X-Factor Live Tour (don’t laugh, it was amazing) and the other for Star Wars in concert for Sammy’s 6th birthday (again, don’t laugh, it was great- an orchestra basically playing John Williams music) and Star Wars finally made sense to me! Clips from the films were playing along with the music, with some narration by the actor that played C3PO. Sam loved it!

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