Recommendations for Redecorating Your Home

I love doing bits and bobs around the home. We want to make little changes and additions to get the place perfect. And this is a process, but we’re well on our way there. If you want to make changes that will make your place better then here are some of my ideas to help you.Extreme Makeover - Home Edition...

  • Renovate the Kitchen

We have all heard the saying that the kitchen is the most important room in the home. And this is very true. It was the kitchen that attracted us to buy this house. So it’s important to make sure yours is as awesome as possible. I would suggest that if you want to renovate the kitchen you go big. Change the layout and design, and go for an open plan kitchen. This will add value and appeal to the property, as well as making the room more practical.

  • Revamp the Bathroom

You must remember that the bathroom is an untapped resource within your home. It’s easy to overlook it in favour of other rooms. But, in reality, you can really complement the rest of the property by having a great bathroom. When it came time to give our bathroom a makeover, I decided the room was too cramped and gloomy. So we changed the lighting and put in an extra mirror to make it brighter. Then we got rid of the bathtub and had a walk-in shower instead. So we have much more space, and the bathroom looks trendy and new now.

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition...

  • Hang Some Artwork

There are a lot of ways you can add some visual beauty to the home. And one that I’ve found to be very effective is to hang some artwork. This adds some character, and another dimension to any room. What I love to do is take pictures on my phone and then send them off to get them made into canvas prints. Then I hang the canvas prints around the home. For one thing, these look amazing. And also, I love the fact that I can look at a picture and say ‘I took that’. So I would recommend taking this approach if you want to hang some art.

  • Change the Colour Scheme

One of the most important aspects of making changes around the home is changing the colour scheme. You might be surprised by just how much of an impact the colour scheme can have on your home. We weren’t too happy with our colour scheme when we first moved into our new place. So we really spent the time trying to choose the right colour. I always think it’s a good idea to go for bright, vibrant colours. They tend to make the home look more inviting and attractive. Don’t be afraid to get creative with colour schemes. The only limit is the one you set for yourself.

  • Get New Furniture

If there is one thing in your home that could probably do with replacing it’ll be the furniture. There are several reasons you might have for replacing the furniture in your home. We were doing a lot of renovation work on the house. And it was decided that the furniture didn’t match with what we wanted. So we made the decision to get rid of it and bring in replacement furniture. Again, we tried to go with something a little more contemporary.

  • Have a Clear Out

I am as guilty as the next woman of hoarding things. Now, it could be because I’m a mother now. Or maybe I’ve just always naturally been a hoarder. Whatever the reasons, it’s pretty clear that I have a lot of junk lying around. Since hubby and I moved in together, we have a lot of duplicates as well. Now, my advice to you, if you’re in my situation, would be to have a clear out. This is what we’re going to do. We’ll go through everything together and decide what we want to keep. Everything else can be thrown, sold or donated.

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition...

  • Loft Renovation

We’ve had our home for about five years, and in that time we’ve made a lot of changes to it. One thing I would love to have though and we have really thought about is a loft conversion. In the property we’re in we were told that this was the only way to add significant value. A loft conversion is an excellent idea if you have the space to do one. When most people think of extensions, they think about building a conservatory. This is very similar to an extension, but it’s much more economical with the space. Speak to a surveyor if you’re interested in a loft conversion, and see what your options are.

  • Wood Burner

I would love, love, love to get a wood burner for the home. My in-laws have got one put in and they’ve really noticed the difference. We considered going for an open fire for a long while. But in the end I think that a wood burner is more trendy and modern looking. It complemented the aesthetic of our home and gave us an eco-friendly source of heat. So you need to make sure you consider a wood burner. This is the perfect step towards achieving a greener way of life too.

  • Get Rid of Curtains

You know something? Curtains can look great sometimes, but I have found them to be a bit of a nuisance. That’s why I couldn’t wait to get rid of them as soon as possible. We went around the house and we took down all the curtains and curtain rails. Instead, we made sure we replaced them with blinds. These are much easier to use and maintain than the curtains were. Blinds also add that cool, contemporary feel to the home. You should consider doing this throughout your place as well.

There’s so much that you can do in and around the home. I love the fact that my home offers so many opportunities for change and evolution. Me and my husband like to try to do little bits and pieces to improve and benefit our home each year. I hope you found this list of suggestions helpful!

Rebecca x

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